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Ladies: How does your man (or lady) make you feel better when you're PMSy?

Asked by Seelix (14879points) May 19th, 2011

I got to thinking after realizing that women are PMSing all the time about how Mr. Fiance is always extra kind to me on those couple of days when I’m crampy and my back hurts.

I don’t know where he got this saying from, but he always says “It’s uter-us, not uter-you”, which always makes me laugh.

What about you? Do you get any special treatment, extra favours, anything like that?

I’m also curious to hear from our lesbian population—are men kinder to their female partners when it comes to menstrual ouchies? Are women more likely to tell their partners to “suck it up”?

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He hires F.N. to serenade me with this ;)

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@Seelix : You better marry that boy right away! He sounds fabulous!

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@JilltheTooth I know, right. Well, so far I haven’t been as bad as I used to with this current one. He does give me massages if need be though. He’s a very gentle soul and I appreciate it.

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@lucillelucillelucille lol, let’s hope when he arrives you aren’t feeling really, really crabby. I’m not sure at my pmsy worse singing would be a good response.

My husband just has the patience of a saint (at most times). He reads my signs pretty damn well and knows when to say nothing or to make me a cuppa or when to just quietly back away from the cranky woman.

Sounds like you have a keeper there Ms Seelix. He sounds delightful.

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@Seelix – that line about a “uter-us” cracks me up. What a good guy.

I no longer get PMS-y (as far as I know) because my uterus is gone. (Woo hoo!)..but my husband insists I get cranky due to low blood sugar. He says it’s just like those Snickers diva commercials…so he’ll usually say something like: “Honey, go eat something. RIGHT.NOW.”

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You’ve got a great guy there!

My guy will rub my lower back, my feet and ask if I want to soak in the tub. He’ll bring me Peach Ring gummi candies and this rot gut booze I like called Red Stag along with Jack n The Box jalepeno poppers.

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He rubs my back and if I feel like I can’t take another breath without a chocolate bar or some gummie bears, he goes and gets me them, then snuggles me to death.

@Seelix the uter-US thing is so funnyy

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brb dinner

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Don ‘t actually have a significant other as such, but I do have a friend I’m in a long term house share with. We tend to commiserate a lot, and she’ll give me a hug and share a bowl of popcorn.

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