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How many hours do sunflowers require?

Asked by shammie (64points) May 20th, 2011

I live in San Diego and we are gonna plant some sunflowers but the only space available gets like 5 hours of direct sunlight. It is in a wide alley, and surrounded by wide and very light colored buildings. Do you think that will be ok?

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I’m guessing with your climate that would be ok. They might get a little scraggly but they should grow adequately. The reflection from the walls should help.

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“Sunflowers need the full strength of the sun so choose an area that gets steady sunlight for at least 6 hours.”


So, yours might be a little stunted, but should be OK.

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Mine grow wild due to the vigorous plantings on my squirrels and chipmunks. I reside in Wisconsin. Even on the north side of my property, they get to full size during summer.

I’d say yours should be fine in the alley.

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‘Full sun’ usually means a solid 8 hours or so, but, they should do well enough.

You can also rotate some plantings, plant some now, more in June, July for staggered bloomings. I used to live in San Diego and the growing season, especially more inland, the ‘Cajon zone; etc. will afford you a looong growing season.

OMG! I had an apartment in El Cajon about 20 miles inland..October was like 110 degrees! Gah!

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