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What are you bringing to the zombie apocalypse party?

Asked by YoBob (12823points) May 20th, 2011

As I understand it, the start of the zombie apocalypse is scheduled for tomorrow at 6pm.

So… are you planning to attend a zombie apocalypse party, and if so, what do you plan to bring along?

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I’ll be at work, but if you all want I can phone it in. :P

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Pancakes, lots of pancakes.

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that bottle of wine I’ve been saving for a special occasion
my freshly made meyer lemon limoncello
Some gorgonzola dolce and figs and prosciutto
If I can get my hands on some Founders Porter
Smokes! Because wth did I even bother to quit for if the world is ending, right?

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I think i’ll bring the music!
Bring it on ya bastards!

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I just find the 6:00pm thing so funny.

I’ll bring Dirty potato chips. The best flavors are Jalapeno, and salt & vinegar.

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Bandages. Zombies always have bandages

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Well, I could exhume my entire pet cemetary and dress up everyones remains in bandages, but, I’d be afraid of the hauntings to come.

Zombie geese, zombie cats, zombie chickens, zombie goldfish, zombie rats, zombie parrots.

No, not a good thing, not a good thing at all!

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Top-shelf liquor and my dancing shoes.

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Dessert and margaritas!

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Cigarettes (miss those suckers) , a bartender and my CD’s. I want REAL Margaritas made from scratch !!! Hey; and how about Benny Hinn?

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For some reason I know have the incredible urge to jump out of my seat and start dancing to this. Anyone up for joining in? Other than that, I’ll pull my baseball bat out of storage and get ready to fight some zombies with all of you. It should be great!

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You mean, today. Not tomorrow.

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My killer sour cream chicken enchiladas, and a triple chocolate cake.

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I’m bringing along my pal @Symbeline.

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A machete. Imma go all Xena on their asses.

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@Symbeline There’s ma girl! :D

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I once had a dream that I was being attacked by zombies in the woods. Xena came to help me lol. I hope this Apocalypse will be that awesome. ^^

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A pack of smokes, a case of beer, a turkey leg an an assault rifle with shit loads of ammo. I’ll be good. :)

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LOL you got my ass beat. I wanna come along!

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@Symbeline We can go ALL pirate crazy on em. Rape, pillage and plunder. LOL

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They’re us…we’re them. Party on, Garth! :D

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@erichw1504 – Looks like you could fork up a lot of zombies with that thing!

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