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Do you have a favorite place where you love to see sunlight shining?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26232points) May 21st, 2011

Or it could just be a nook, a corner, a thin line of a space where it gives you pleasure seeing sunlight streak into or over it to illuminate or rests upon it for a while? Or a place, a grand view made magnanimous by the sun’s golden rays, so they say?

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Through the leaves of an aspen grove. Love that dappled, ripply effect and the smell of aspen bark is one of my favorite things in the world.

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Across a large body of water, so the wavelets sparkle like jewels.

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My garden in the evening, when the sunlight is that lovely golden colour. It looks heavenly.

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My grandma’s veranda…In the afternoon.

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My back deck is heaven to sit in the sun filtering through the trees….next to that the back sun-room of course and showering with the sun shining right on me through the skylight is one of my favorite moments of the weekend.

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I love sunlight period. My favorite is an open space with a pool, palm trees, and a small area of shade to escape if it gets too hot, or I don’t feel like worrying about a sunburn.

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I love seeing the sun rays shoot through trees and you can see spot lights on the ground coming through between the branches and leaves. It looks like a soft shower going side ways.
Also love to see the rays in the morning shooting through the clouds at sunrise from my porch. You can slowly feel the suns warmth embrace your skin like a warm blanket.

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Can I say a woman’s body on a beach?

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@mazingerz88 You can but somehow I think it wouldn’t apply to all womans bodies. Some should never be seen in very bright light. LOL

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@Pandora Yes maybe not on a full frontal exposure but sometimes light do create sensual forms and shadows on a body lying on a beach that tend to fool the eye. Until the moment the illusion shatters of course.

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Either the Erie Canal or Green Lakes State Park.

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Yeah, it’s called England!! We don’t get that much, so anywhere will do.

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@ucme I feel your pain ;)

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Yes, there’s a forest in my home town that I like to take walks in. When the sun shines down through the trees, it’s beautiful.

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The place where my copy of the Quran sits (I’m serious)

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What’s up with England and lack of sunshine? I’m ignorant this way. lol.

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@mazingerz88 It’s mostly either cloudy or cloudy and rainy. Sunshine is a treat.

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@queenie Oh. God please shine on England then!

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@mazingerz88 lol! Amen
Todays cloudy but mild… thank God not rainy…

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I had a place like that when I was in high school.
I saw the sun rising every day.

Nowdays I enjoy it everywhere. Any place where I can look toward the sun is good.

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On top of this hill across the street from the local park. Ah, how serene the setting is!

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The sun coming up over the mountains at dawn, wafting through fir trees on a camping trip.

The sun shimmering off the surface of my favorite lake, like so many flickering fairy lights.

The sun chinkling through the poplar trees when there is a light breeze on a spring day.

Standing in a forest, looking up and seeing the sun shine through the translucent, bright green leaves of tree ferns.

The sun reflecting off a blanket of freshly laid snow, like a million twinkling sugar stars.

One thin shaft of light beaming through the curtains that my cat has strategically aimed only at his belly.

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At the beach…. But I much prefer the moonlight than the sunlight dancing on the water… can be so romantic under the stars on a warm summers evening.

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Filtering down through redwood trees onto the pine needle covered ground. It’s a sort of soft and whispery effect.

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I love when the kids are out playing in the sprinkler and they laugh about the rainbows in the spray. It’s also a good feeling to see the rainbow reflections from my backyard pool when they play around on the ceiling of my patio sun room.

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Anywhere I can crawl up to and sleep.

I am a cat.

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I like the light in the late afternoon when at my computer, a laptop that sits on top of a rectangular, black, bombay style library table under my front window.
I have sheer, brown, curtains that are see through and the way the sunlight comes through is quite lovely. Turning the curtains a rich golden amber color.
Right outside the window I can see the sunlight glinting off my golden bamboos, their leaves fluttering in the breeze. Very pretty and relaxing. :-)

I also like the way the sunlight plays across my bed, highlighting a silvery blue silk quilt I have tossed across the foot of my bed.

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I have a few places.

Under the eaves of my house, looking out over the front garden.
In my gazebo, I can listen to the trees, see the sun and hear the birds.
On an island called Stradbroke Island where we like to rent a house overlooking the bay and watch the sun go down. I love that place. The dolphins come and play.

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Atop a mountain above the treeline.

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In a garden filtering through the overhead trees, sitting under a willow tree (or maybe an orange tree?) and seeing light stream through the gently swaying branches, or morning sun shining in through the stained glass windows of a church onto the wooden pews.

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If I see anyone posting “orange tree” again, Im gonna bash their imaginary head

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queenie What did I say? trying to ound innocent

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@Earthgirl Nice try sistah, but you ain’t gonna get me to say orange tree again :P

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queenie You just did! :)

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@Earthgirl Drat! You got me! ;P ~

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