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Can we do it or do the moderators close off Threads.

Asked by Pandora (27849points) May 21st, 2011

From time to time I may start a thread but after a while I may get bored with the question or feel I already got the answer to my question but I don’t know how to close it off.
Any how, I just noticed a pretty new thread that was closed off and I assume its because the question was answered to the questioners satifaction.
So does anyone know who decides when it is done and who gets to close it off.

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Threads are only closed when they have become too contentious to recover or so long that they slow Fluther down to a grind. Otherwise, threads are not closed – you could conceivably answer a question from all the way back to the beginning of Fluther.

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If you don’t want to keep being notified of new answers, though, you can always click on ‘stop following’.

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Once your question is launched into the Fluther universe, it no longer belongs to you to decide when it is finished or anything else.

It just exists.

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