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Did you have a case of forgetfulness that is quite unforgettable?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26232points) May 22nd, 2011

Whether it’s because of our age or the unusual or unique situation we were in at that time, have you ever forgotten to do something that made quite an impact that you tend to recall about it especially when asked a question like this about forgetfulness? Thanks for sharing!

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I came home one day to find a beautifully wrapped gift sitting on my chair.
I asked my husband what the h@ll it was for…
...turned out to be a gift for me on our one year wedding anniversary…OOPS!
He still laughs about it to this day and calls it his “Get Out Of Jail Free” card .LOL! ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Nice. I mean a good example of forgetfulness, not the fact that you forgot your one year wedding anniversary. Lol.

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@mazingerz88—I’ve had my moments.XD

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I came home from work and there was this new couch in the living room and I asked my wife where that came from and when she told me….I said “we can’t afford THAT”...she said “we can now” as it was her birthday present to herself I completely forgot about. :(

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This is nothing special but I think worth sharing for its punchline that I find funny. I always lose any umbrella I bring out so one time as I sit on the bus I vowed not to lose this one for it was sure to rain that day. Two hours later, I got off the bus and it started to rain. Of course I did not have the umbrella in my hand. Two seconds after realizing that I did it again, I saw my umbrella moving away from me as it sits on the window sill of the now speeding up bus.

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Well due to some weird mental block when I see numbers set up in a mathematical equation I freak out and forget. This has caused me to have such poor path grades in school and even when I restarted college the anxiety and forgetfulness of how to solve the problems caused me to drop all my classes because I was so stressed.

For some reason I can’t ever remember any math and thus go into a panic and forget some more and so on.

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A friend was taking me to the airport ,and about three quarters there she asked which airline i was with , then i suddenly remembered i left the ticket at home !! we had to stop for petrol as she was almost on empty, and OFCOURSE there was a queue ,she also had to ring someone to change a commitment,plus traffic was slowing us down, Yes, we made it , by about 5 minutes .
ps that was only the first (near) disaster of that holiday :(

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