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Should preachers own a private jet, valuable art and many homes? Why is it ok?

Asked by Aster (19984points) May 23rd, 2011

self-explanatory I hope!

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It’s fine because capitalism is not a sin.

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Jesus likes his bling.

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Sure while they tell everyone you “can’t love God and mammon” or whatever the word is.
Sure; while telling everyone “we are too materialistic.”
Oh, yeah, while telling everyone they “need to pay for the ministry.”
And, “You can’t take it with you, people.”

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I would ask where the money is coming from.

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I don’t mind the luxury of it that much; I just don’t want to fund their lavish lifestyle.

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It’s only wrong if the money isn’t really theirs, and the last time I checked, pastors didn’t make 6 figures. I met a guy at a family reunion like that, he had a ‘pimped out’ car while the majority of his congregation were poor people.

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Well, they always do talk about their flocks, and refer to their congregation as the lambs of God…no wonder they think they deserve a good fleecing.

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A preacher who is not financially supported by the church can buy anything he or she wants. If they are financially supported by the church then they shouldn’t be allowed to buy such things because that money is from the congregation and is meant to support the church. Of course a preacher, minister, or priest should have some money for personal use but it shouldn’t be so much that they can afford a private jet

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I would be more interested in hearing why people might think it’s not OK for a preacher to own the same sort of material goods that anybody else can.

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Sure why not? They are the worlds greatest salesmen…of course not a real preacher does his job for his beliefs and because they want to spread their word. Not for the money or all the extras if that is their case then they are not real preachers but just another greed corporate zombie..

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The only time I have a problem with it is if they’re preaching personal poverty, or if they’re using funds for the church for personal means. But if they made some wise investments or inherited or have a side job, I really don’t care.

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Is it okay socially? Sure. Kind of a douche-y move, but whatever.

Is it okay spiritually? Depends on how they treat their wealth, I suppose. If they give away as much as they ask their congregation to give away (or more), if they aren’t attached to it, I suppose so.

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Perhaps if he starves his animals, since “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

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@ratboy Since when does the Bible have anything to do with Christianity?

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Well, empirical research clearly shows that those preachers won’t be able to increase their happiness taking this approach. And at some point they might wonder why the Bible never mentioned Jesus owning a palace. Odd, isn’t it?

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I am willing to bet that preachers of megachurches make a nice salary, because if the preacher is dynamic, more people will come to the services, and more people = more offerings in the plate(s). Also, preachers probably are given things by people in the congregation who adore them.

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I think that is hypocritical. Preachers shouldn’t be so concerned with material possessions.

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