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Feel like tooting your own horn?

Asked by Seelix (14886points) May 23rd, 2011

So on Saturday, my birthday and Rapture day, I found out that I’ve been offered a spot (one of only three available) in the Italian Studies PhD program at UofT! Some of you might know that I was put on a waiting list back in February. Well, it turns out someone has declined a spot, so now it’s mine mine mine!

What have you done lately that you’re proud of and would like to share with your fellow Jellies? C’mon – if you don’t toot your own horn, whose can you toot? Never mind; don’t answer that!

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To Toot or not to Toot tat is ta qwestienn!

I finally did a run on the treadmill. Long time coming! ( gasp )

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All right, I’ll be the second….My toddler grandsons love, love, love the birthday presents I bought for the baby’s second birthday. I did something right – - – YAY – - -

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I finally made a dish (baked macaroni and cheese with grilled mushrooms) that my Dad, the picky eater actually liked.

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It is not recent, but I finally was able to sneak to within 40 yards of a coyote without spooking him first.

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If I could “toot my own horn”, I’d never leave the house.

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I hit $10,000 in donations already for my 192 mile Pan-Mass ride in August.

toot toot

Congrats Seelix

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After about a year of inertia, I have started submitting some of my writing again.

I currently have 10 pieces ‘out there’, and am attempting to submit at least several a week again right now.

I have 27 pieces I am working with on, multiple submissions, and one other story that I need to reformat ( can’t decide between two styles ) & write a cover letter for.

I fired off 50 copies of each piece a few weeks ago, for a total of 1,350 hard copies.

I have 3 huge boxes stacked on the dresser inside my closet. I might die before I empty those boxes. lol

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First of all, YAY FOR SEELIX!!!! So happy for you!

I don’t really have anything to toot about for myself. However, two co-workers recently lifted my heart and gave me a little more faith in humanity. One of them found a wallet on the street that had cash, credit cards and luckily, identification. He couldn’t find a number in the phone book for her, so he called her bank (based on her ATM card) to see if they could contact her. They did, and he returned the wallet. She gave him $20, which he tried to refuse. She insisted and he finally did take it. The other young man had saved over two years about $2000 for a vacation. His fiancee’s grandmother passed last week and they needed help with funeral expenses. He gave them his vacation savings. His comment was, “Hey, Florida isn’t going anywhere. I’ll go another time.” It really made me feel good about the kind of people I work with.

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Mmm…I don’t have a horn. :(

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Some band members asked my brother, who is the drummer, if his brother (me) can sing, because he (me) looks cool as the singer of their band. I can’t sing
If he (me) could not sing, could he (me) play blues harp or maybe percussion? I can’t play either
But it was nice to be asked to be the singer of a rock and roll band!

Edit to add: I started practising the blues harp/harmonica today.

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Yes! A big congrats! to you Seelix! :-D

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I frequently toot—but there’s no horn involved.

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@tinyfaery – come on, in the last few weeks you must have done something tootable!

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Congrats all! Especially @blueiiznh but not so much @cprevite. :-)
My temporary job which was to end at the end of the month was extended 2 more weeks.

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@chyna awesome job!!!! So nice to hear…..

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I haven’t drank for like almost three days. But lol that’s mostly because I couldn’t. XD

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This week I started the p90 workout and managed to go to sleep earlier, eat steamed and cooked veggies ( I also began to cook) and not avoid work for 7 days! I am pretty proud of myself.

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Good job @Simone_De_Beauvoir. I have decided to get off my butt and start working out again and will be starting that tomorrow.

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Not really recent, but I figured out how to get Windows Aero running on my laptop and how to update my video driver all by myself. This is huge for me.

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Oh, I tooted. Tee hee

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That’s awesome, @Seelix! Congratulations!

Currently, I have nothing to report. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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Congratulations to all you fine, hard-working jellies!!!

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Just got accepted to a university, after writing a letter of appeal. Classes started today.
I better sign up for classes quickly. :p

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@everephebe Lmao. Good work though. :)

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No but I feel like tooting my own butt.

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@Mikewlf337 Don’t we all. ^^

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@everephebe awesome….glad you were diligent and didn’t just roll over and….. (never mind)

Awesome job on acceptance. Go gettum

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I posted this and it, thanks to @lillycoyote, spawned this recently approved Urban Dictionary entry.

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I toot my horn about once a week. Well, actually, I have two horns and I toot them both! I is a Bach Trumpet that is now about 35 years old and it’s tubing is so thin, they refuse to work on it. That’s my wife. The other is a silver Kanstul flugelhorn with a sticky second valve. That’s my mistress.

When my mistress first came on the scene, my wife refused to perform. But after a while, she got used to it, and both horns are very tootable.

Or did you mean that as a metaphor?

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@Seelix, what wonderful news! I’m truly happy for you. I’m sure it is a spot well deserved. Fantastic!

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I bought my company, bought a new dream house, new puppy, learned how to use the laundry machine and dropped a couple bad habits! Life is good!

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Thanks, everyone, and major congrats to you all! Even the smaller victories are worth tooting about!

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@Seelix What fabulous news!
So proud of all you jellies.

I’ve managed to expand my walking route to two blocks instead of one. Woo hoo. :|
I talked to a woman from academic advising and we lay down a tentative class schedule for me for next semester. I still need to jump through a bunch of logistical hoops to get officially registered, but I’m semi-hopeful.
toot toot: small toots for small accomplishments.

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Congrats @Seelix!
I’m on the tail end of a three-month cleanse, and I’ve actually stuck through it the entire time. I’d tried it before but didn’t do it for more than a week, so that’s pretty cool.
I’ve been doing yoga every day for about a week, and hope to continue. I want to get back in shape and reach my measurement goals in about a month.
I’ve started seeing a therapist and have my second session on Thursday. He’s kind of a stick in the mud, but we’ll see. I think I may want someone younger…
Also, my relationship with my SO is better than ever =)

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