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What's something youre proud of in your life?

Asked by asmonet (21415points) November 22nd, 2008

Today I finished taking my GED and got my scores, I got 99th percentile in all but one subject. I’m kinda sorta thrilled. And it got me thinking, what are you guys proud of? Any good stories you’d care to share with the collective?

Yes, I totally just asked a question and bragged at the same time, deal. I couldn’t keep it in. :D

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Congratulations! You earned your bragging rights. I am going to open another Sling Shot and drink to amonet’s accomplishment. Cheers!
I am very proud of the restaurants I have owned and operated. I am thinking of doing another one.

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Thanks! And woo! I’ve had copious amounts of Tequila enter my bloodstream already, let’s do this.

What restaurants have you owned? In what area?

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The Laughing Clam Alehouse in Grants Pass Oregon. Historical building/bar. Opened in 1996.
The Sidestreet Bistro Florence Oregon Dinner place. Located in Old Town district. Modern American Cooking. Wood fired oven-open exhibition kitchen. Opened January 2008 Here is a review

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That food looks delicious, if I’m ever out in Oregon. I’m coming your way. I expect to see you there.

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asmonet I just sold it! A very accomplished chef from Colorado bought it. He is doing a different menu, but delicious!
Now, lets talk about you. I get from reading your posts you are one smart cookie. What are you going to do now?

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Double doctorate. :) Paleoanthropology and hopefully, if I’m not seriously dying from work, a minor in astronomy. :) Heh, thanks. I finally have proof from the government that it isn’t just my mommy who thinks I’m special.

I basically want to know the history of everything and the workings of everything else.

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Sounds interesting. Never a dull moment, but then there wouldn’t be with you would there? :0)

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Well, I am ingesting mucho Tequila…right now…

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over the lips and through the gums..

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Congratulations on your achievement, asmonet. That is excellent work on your part. Well done.

I’m proud of my 20+ years I’ve served in my military career and I’m looking foward to 7 more before retiring.

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Congratulations. :)

I’m proud of the fact that I didn’t turn out to be a moron. Which is amazing, when you think about how stupid everyone is in general. :D

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Congratulations. :)

I’m proud of having hiked to the top of Half Dome. The only way to truly understand what a feat that is is to do it. It was exhausting (18 miles round trip, half of it uphill) and I was scared as hell at the last part (basically scaling a mountain with no safety lines). The view was amazing and I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

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Congratulations, asmonet!!!

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Yay yay asmonet! That’s awesome.

I used to be proud of myself for things, but I can’t think of anything right now. Maybe that’s why I feel like I’m in a funk.

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Congrats! I’m so glad you did it, and can move on to your new direction!

I am proud of being a better mother than mine was, raising three great kids.

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I am proud of my kids and my survival, though both are gifts from God, IMHO.

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I am proud of the good things I have done to help people and of the kindness that I have shown to others. The world woud be a better place if we all just showed a little kindness to one another without expecting something in return.

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I’m really proud of my collection of Grimace glasses.

No fighting over special glasses around here. I have enough for the whole dinner party.

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I’m proud of being able to get through a day without beating myself up. That doesn’t happen as often as one might expect.

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I’m proud of the man I’ve become, that I received this compliment tonight:
“You have such a warmth about you. I feel safe with you.”

It was on a first date. I’m thrilled.

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i’m proud of moving out of my mom’s house!

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