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I've bewitched her husband?

Asked by ruby007 (16points) May 24th, 2011

I recently had this dream about a guy’s wife (I’ve never met her), who basically said ’ so you’re the one who has bewitched my husband and caused all this trouble and then she warned me to leave him alone as it was hurting her family and the consequences would be bad for us all’. I’m not really sure what to make of this dream, as the guy in question is someone that I like but nothing would ever come of it.

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Sounds like you are feeling guilty for having a crush on a married man. Nothing wrong with having feelings, so long as you don’t act on them. Certainly nothing to feel guilty about.

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Don’t get worried about a dream. If you did something about it, you should worry.

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It’s just a dream.

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Or maybe it isn’t just a dream. Maybe Dick York is trying to communicate with you from beyond the grave.

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For god’s sake keep your claws off the married men!

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I recently had a dream about ghosts moving stuff around in the bathroom while I watch, unable to speak. No one else in the house notices anything even though I try to warn them.

In real life, I still go in the bathroom, don’t even think about ghosts, and have no concern for leaving my family in the house when I go out.

It’s just a dream. It only means as much as you want it to. And frequently, not even then.

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Quit messing around with married men?....or avoid watching dramatic tv shows before bed?...

(hey that almost sounded poetic…damn it Sam, no green eggs and ham, stupid peer pressure…)

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Maybe you were subconsciously thinking that you more than liked him. In that case, the dream is warning you of the consequences of such a dalliance. Your dream is reinforcing what you already believe… since perhaps you had a tiny doubt. Or perhaps there is a part of you that is out seeking a bit of adventure.

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Have you received any information subtle or defined that your interaction with her husband is causing issues? I always put others marriages above my friendship with them. When I was single I had some good friends that were husband and wife. I came to realize her husband got uncomfortable with how we got along so well and laughed together any time we were all together. I stopped talking to her and didn’t tell her why. If I told her why I would have just built myself up in her eyes. This way, I nullified myself on her radar and let him regain balance with her. Treat others how you want them to treat you.

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Perhaps you’ve subconsciously picked up cues from him that he’s interested in you, and this is your brain’s way of telling you that. (And of course reminding you that if he were to pursue things with you, with or without your encouragement, that would cause problems for his marriage.)

Or perhaps it means nothing. Dream analysis is interesting, but it’s hardly an exact science. I wouldn’t put guesses at dream symbolism over conscious thought and decision-making. :)

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Sounds like you’ve got a crush on this guy. Where do you know him from? Even if you are friends with him, you should probably start backing away, because if you do have a crush on him, you are more likely to act on it, and then later say that “it just happened.” Things like that don’t just happen if you don’t let them.

Your dream was a little wake up call.

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