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Do you think double infidelity is the most attractive or auspicious start to a relationship?

Asked by luigirovatti (2820points) June 1st, 2020

Particularly as the 2 are introduced to each other by their partners.

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It might be legendary! And only hey get to call it “infidelity”. Outsiders cannot judge the veracity of that label

You do not know what either of the relationships are like, but they may both be in a position to open their relationships.

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It depends on the people involved. To me, it sounds as if both reject monogamy except legally (for children or property, etc…), so it’s rather honest and open, for a change, which I love. Rather adult of them frankly.

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The question is meaningless without more context.

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Sounds exhausting.

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What an odd mindset. Both partners primarily attracted to one another because they are committed elsewhere. At first reading of this question I thought “how lonely or inexperienced would one be to envision cheating as attractive?” But then again the o.p. has a peculiar habit of wording questions such that one is left to grope for meaning. This time, I’m left trying to decide if the question is “can 2 people be drawn to one another because both are unhappy in their licit relationships?” But I’ve learned from experience not to struggle with “what’s this guy talking about?”

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@stanleybmanly Or maybe the lovers are socially unacceptable for some reason, like LGBTQ’s in a Russia or something. Who knows.

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I see it more as a mutual agreement than infidelity!!!

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Its a good way to end a relationship. I’d have never wanted my wife to cheat on me, and I’d have never cheated on her. I know that’s easy to say, and most of us have been tempted. I had a female friend on my job once, who I got to be pretty tight with. Until I realized she wanted more than friend ship and a shoulder to cry on. She started trying to get me to go “have a drink, and maybe a dance” after work at this club behind our workplace, and even asked me to come to her house one night after work, (when her hubby was out of town) and go for a dip in her pool. I just told her that’s messed up and you know it. We don’t need to be alone in a damn pool together at two in the morning, and both of us damn near naked. One thing can lead to another, and I’m not going there. Kind of pissed her off, and I was still fond of her. Still am. But if she had issues with her spouse that wasn’t my problem. And she wasn’t going to make it my problem. I think you can be cordial with out sliding down that slippery slope.

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