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Do you have a city that you love or hate and for what reasons?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26233points) May 24th, 2011

Some people romanticize their views and feelings about certain places, most likely it could be a city where they grew up in or a city they visited as a tourist. Do you have such a city where you feel a special connection with and why is that?

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I live here in NYC and I love it. I love how random it is, sometimes and how busy and how the boroughs are different and all the things you can explore and the no nonsense attitude. I don’t like the areas of NYC where there are many tourists but luckily I don’t go over there often.

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I’ve not very big into that. You can have a great time anywhere (well, almost anywhere) or a horrible time anywhere. I recognize my great and worst times by place were due to who I was with and various other factors.

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My home city:

Beautiful blue water (Lake Huron), laid back and a gorgeous city all the way around.

Negatives: lacking in culture

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Paris, love it, love it, would go back tomorrow if I could. I love the whole city, the ease in getting around by the Metro, and going to the Louvre which I could spend days exploring. What a history and art!

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I have a special affinity for Galveston Tx. Spent many vacation days there over the years . Lived there for 8 months while doing a job there. I’m not sure why I have a thing for Galveston, but it is a wonderful place to explore.

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Love – Barcelona – an amazing city with great architecture, bars, markets, chocolate shops and football team

Hate – Jerusalem – a dusty, tense and ugly place populated with a sizable minority of seriously unpleasant, rude people. It’s also home to the vilest, most racist football fans (Beitar Jerusalem FC) I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness.

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I love San Francisco. I don’t know that I would want to live there, but I love visiting it. I have had some wonderful times there.

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I don’t like Boston. The people are loud and very uncouth. And the accent…ugh!

It strikes me as a wannabe NYC: big, dirty, old, but without the cosmopolitan feel etc.

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@FutureMemory Boston accent is nothing like NY accent…..

Oh and fyi…. MA came before NY so if anyone is trying to be like anyones accent then it would be the other way around.

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I hate Pittsburgh. Lost a very long/very serious g/f to that city over the course of a tumultuous year. Had my dream job offered to me a few days after she left me for some guy out there, so naturally I turned it down in a state of depression. Later found myself interviewing for about 6 or 7 jobs in Pittsburgh because no one in any other cities would call back. Was offered one job at $25 an hour, only to accept and resign my current job, and then get a call from the contractor telling me she misquoted me and it was actually $16 an hour (less than I made at the time). Have been stuck in traffic there for hours, multiple times. They’ve apparently never heard of snow plows. Almost lost my life driving back from one interview.

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@creative1 I didn’t mean the accent is trying to sound like the NYC accent. I’ll fix my post.

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I love London, that’s where it’s happening…!
I’m not too keen on Tripoli, although i’ve heard it’s a blast.

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I personally have nothing against a particular city [ every city is beautiful in it’s own way ].

Though I cannot stand some of the cities I’ve been in [ because of the climate ^^ ].

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Love love lova San Francisco. It pulls at my heart every time I go there. Many great and wonderful memories made and yet to be made there.

hate Grand Junction Colorado. My life completly fell apart there. Very bad few years, yuck yuck yuck!!

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I love San Francisco.

I have a friend from Ohio who has been to L.A., Chicago, London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco and she said that out of all those cities, San Francisco was by far the “craziest” and I just said “yup, that’s my city”. :P

San Francisco stands out. No, it doesn’t have the best weather all the time, but it’s beautiful, I love the architecture, the landscaping, the hills, the waterfront, the super liberal hippy aspect of it (not to mention its association with homosexuality), it’s just all good. ^_^

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@DominicX I’ve heard San Francisco has been called the most European city in the U.S.; that’s a good title, I think.

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I love small towns with access to lots of outdoor activities. My favorites are Eagle River, Wisconsin, San Luis Obispo, California, Granite, Colorado and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I have great memories from all these towns, mostly because of the friendliness of the community and the beauty of the natural area.

I couldn’t stand NYC. It was too crowded and it smelled really, really bad.

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I like Paris, Glasgow and Riga and I think I will like Venice though I won’t know until September.

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I love Moscow, Russia, New York City and Boulder, Colorado. I love Moscow because it’s one of the most fun places to live on the planet. I like Boulder because it has a fun atmosphere. I LOVE NYC because it’s one of the most fun places to be. I lived there for a while.

I really hate Chicago. It’s just disgusting to me.

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Lisbon, where we honeymooned. Perfect!

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I love the place I’m living in now, but moving from temporarily, Portland. This is the one place I’ve been to where I feel at home and feel like I belong. I love it. It’s city, which I generally hate, but there is a lot of nature.

I absolutely hate NY. I lived there for a long time and it actually made me so depressed I nearly killed myself. It caused me to split from my ex and now he lives with our daughter and I live with my son.

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I love London. It felt like home when I was there, and as a history buff, I was awed by all the history they’ve been able to keep.

I can’t say I “hate” a city, though.

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Wheeling, WV is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly. It looks like death itself.

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I hate Providence, RI much less than other cities.

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I hate the entire Los Angles Metropolitan area, from San Fernando Valley to San Juan Capistrano and from Huntington Beach to San Bernardino. The place is filthy, the traffic is horrendous and the pollution is unbelievable. Homeless people are literally everywhere, and crime is so bad the motels, stores and banks are fortified.

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I love New Orleans. I lived there 1979–1980, and although I haven’t been able to return, I still miss some things about it. Katrina tore at my heart, because I could see my favorite landmarks being destroyed (not to mention the human suffering). It’s definitely on my
roadtrip-when-I-retire itinerary

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I love New York…

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I ♥ NY like the shirt says. My favorite city followed by Boston, Chicago, Vienna, London, Philadelphia, and Prague. I have many more….
The only city I really didn’t like was Charlotte, NC

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I loved Amsterdam. It was incredibly easy to get around, everyone was nice to us, the museums are outstanding, the food was terrific. Literally the best Chinese food I ever ate was in Amsterdam. I want to go back to catch the things I missed. And while I liked that everyone spoke English, I had been looking forward to the two sentences I took the time to learn.“Waar is de bar?” and “Waar is het toilet?”

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Some places I’ve visited and loved: London, New York, Prague, Toronto, Edinburgh.

A city I hate: Birmingham (UK). It’s dirty and depressing.

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I love Providence because I was born there. I love Boston because I live there. I don’t like Seekonk or Rehoboth. Besides having all those shops in Seekonk, they’re just too rurally and something I just don’t like about it. can’t put my finger on it

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I’ve been lucky enough to live in (or very near to) two of the greatest cities in the world – New York and San Francisco. I love both for their own reasons but my heart is in San Francisco. Maybe it’s just Northern California in general, but this is my city.

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I love San Francisco. I grew up in Oakland, in a house with an incredible view of the City. I worked there for 7 years, and I still miss it. My daughter works there now, and I am envious.
On the flip, I hate how plastic, fake, dirty, and unfriendly Los Angeles is. It is the exact opposite of SF.

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Had some fun times in Phoenix, Arizona

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Ok that’s it I have to see San Francisco!!!! : )

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@mazingerz88: yeah you do! I can’t do this city any justice with my words… it’s really just incredible. I’ve been here for a year and a half and I still, almost daily, find my self in awe. It’s beautiful and unique and just so special. This doesn’t say enough but it’s worth a shot at describing how I feel about it.

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I love San Francisco. It’s a short trip from there to valleys or mountains and all points in between are gorgeous. The people are friendly, it has several museums that get good exhibits, a fantastic music hall, great neighborhoods and every type of food you can imagine.

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I’m a big fan of Cambridge, MA and (its West Coast sister city?) Berkeley, CA.

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@downtide Birmingham is a great city. Large enough to get the benefits of a city, small enough to not get swamped in. Granted, it looks rubbish from the M6, but that goes through the grimmest parts.

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