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Do you believe in ghosts even if you haven't seen one and if you do, why?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26785points) May 24th, 2011

When did belief in ghosts started? Who was the first one to have seen one and had evidence to prove it? Is it just human imagination that leads to ghost stories that results in more humans assuming they were true even if it’s just hearsay all along? I would be grateful if you share your own ghost experience and maybe convince me there are ghosts beyond the shadow of a doubt. Thanks!

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Nope. I’m sure just like a lot of other random dumb beliefs: explanations for things where scientific inquiry wasn’t available.

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Yes I do. However, I don’t have a reason to believe in them.

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Hmmm, interesting question. Very interesting.
I’ve had really wacko, freaky and scary experiences and I believe anything is possible.
I don’t necassarily believe in ghosts as in, people’s spirits still living on the earth, but as another whole species entirely.
I guess you can understand that thought by knowing that I also believe in aliens. ;)

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I’ve seen and heard enough stuff that I think it might be possible. This building I’m in is pretty freaky. I don’t know when people first started believing in them.

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I believe in the residual energy of events sometimes leaving an impression on a place.

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Do you know what? Yes I do, just because.

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Lol, no. Why would I?

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I’ve had a couple of freaky experiences that scared the hell out of me and made me believe in “ghosts” or “spirits”.

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Sometimes it gets really freaky

under the orange tree.

All that transdimensional stuff and whatnot. Sometimes it seems like the essences of former souls puff out like steam from a shovel. Other times one sees two, three, even a dozen versions of the same soul. I’m beginning to suspect that there is some quantum something going on in that tree. Maybe that’s what ghosts are? A kind of quantum shadow of a person shining through from another universe?

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Yes I do. I have had many many experiences. I’m skeptical when I hear random noises, I don’t jump to conclusions about what I see or hear. I investigate all possible reasons behind an event until I’m left with whether or not it’s paranormal.

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Yes I had an experience that involved an apparition and waking up with scratches on my neck. For the most part, I think that non-believers wont believe until they’ve had an experience themself.

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I think ghosts are real. But just what they really are is another discussion entirely.

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I once saw a ghost, but I don’t believe in them.

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No, not in any way or with any qualifiers or maybes. Just no.

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I have never seen a ghost (as far as I am aware) but because I would like them to exist I choose to believe in them.

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I believe in ghost questions appearing on Fluther in 2012 as well.

Fixing bad plumbing in houses will take a lot longer.

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without a doubt even after looking for rational explanations.

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