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What is the worst lie you have known someone to tell?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) May 24th, 2011

What lie have you heard from someone you know that made you say “WTF?”.

Would you believe I know a woman who recently lied about having cancer. I found this out the same week a friend of mine died from brain cancer. She doesn’t have cancer, her sister does. She’s jealous of the attention her sister is getting so she told a neighbor she has cancer. wtf?!

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My best friend knows that I’ve been seriously interested in this girl but when it came down to the wire and she asked me if I loved her, in front of my friend, I told her, “F*** off.”

He understands now why I lied, but at the moment he had the biggest WTF ARE YOU THINKING??!!!

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@jonsblond Wow, lying about cancer, and being jealous about it. Unbelievable. One season on the show Big Brother a contestant said his wife had a horrific disease to get sympathy votes. It was a total lie, I thought that was horrific.

Many of the lies that make me say WTF are the unnecessary lies. Lying about little things when the other person would not even be angry. Can border on pathalogical to me if it happens all of the time.

The worst lies I ever witnessed were my exboyfriends family. They cheated on all their wives and SO’s. The sheer quantity is the WTF part. The lies were typical, playing basketball with the guys, need to work late, blah blah.

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@King_Pariah Why would you tell her that?

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The worst is really bad enough I’d rather not post in on the internet. But some fun ones:

My father told me he and my mother had signed the divorce and the judge had signed them, that they were now legally divorced, 6 months before it was actually true.

My mother just admitted to me over lunch a couple days ago that she did not, in fact, get straight As in college so much as “major in dating”. I feel like after the fifth time I told her as a kid that if she got straight As, we really weren’t the same person, and just couldn’t live up to her standards, she really should have admitted to lying and created a bonding moment.

A friend claimed that my sister wore these short skirts – the type where you can see the bottom of the bum line – every day for 6 months. My sister actually wore jeans most of those days, with the occasional break for those black pants with the chains from Hot Topic.

There are quite a few lies in my parents’ divorce – my father lied about cheating on my mother. My mother, well, I’m honestly not sure if my mother knows these are falsehoods or truly believed them at one time. But either way, she repeatedly accused my father of stealing/hiding assets (both to me and in court documents), claimed various anonymous doctors,nurses and administrators (he’s a surgeon, so his colleges/underlings) saw him doing various improper things with his mistress (from being a bit too PDA in public to doing it in a sterilized OR), claimed that one patient of his had come to her and said that my father sexually harassed her in an exam (because I know, when I want to accuse my doctor of hitting on my in the exam room, I seek out his embittered soon-to-be-ex wife), and that he was an alcoholic. The alcoholism is my favorite, because it moves around so much – first he started 3 months after leaving her, then 1 month before, then 3 months before, then he was hiding Heineken in his locker at the hospital during his residency when I was an infant (so 18 years of alcoholism, at least), then back to 6 months before leaving her. My mother has some serious issues with reality. When she sued me, she was impeached on the stand because in one day of testimony, she’d contradicted herself so many times. She’s since decided he doesn’t have an issue with booze, but that her sister does. Incidentally, she and my aunt aren’t getting along very well at the moment; they keep fighting over how best to take care of their mother and her estate as she declines further and further into Alzheimers. Basically, my mother has accused everyone in the family whom she’s ever had some kind of tension with of either a drug problem, or a mental disorder, usually bipolar or schizo-something (even figures out exactly where they are on the DSM-IV severity axis, because she’s just so considerate like that).

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A fair number of my male friends have told their wives they’re faithful.

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“I’m not fucking her, I don’t even like her, we’re just friends now! I feel bad for her because her boyfriends been beating her….she knows how much I love you!....”

He loved me so much he just had to fuck some ugly bitch….right~

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A friend of my ex-wife told her husband that their first child was his son, when it wasn’t. It’s hard to think of a bigger lie than that.

Years later he found out the truth. He left her, but not the boy

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“No, your ass is fine in that dress” I should of told the truth. I still feell bad.

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“I love ya”

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@Cruiser you said “ya”??? That’s bad

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@Pele I didn’t say it, she did! Yes, that is bad…very bad! ;)

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@FutureMemory Because I am toxic when it comes to relationships, thus I stick with “buddies” instead of someone more personal. I hurt them, and I know it, but I continue to do it. I didn’t want to see myself do that to her, so I figured one brief moment would be better than a long drawn out time of pain. She’s doing swell now, we don’t keep in contact anymore and I’m content…ish with that.

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Simple answer…...........

During my police career, three men that were arrested for criminal impersonation.

All three had fake police badges and identification.

I loved snapping the handcuffs during their arrest.

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We never slept together. It’s just a platonic relationship (although I care very much about him).

Friend of mine said that to her husband.

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