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Where is the wall in California where you can see Marilyn Monroe's image along with other celebrities?

Asked by f4a (601points) May 24th, 2011

She is with other celebrities (at least four more celebrities), like James Dean. The images are painted on a brick wall. The size of the images is huge

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@syz this is a good link. thanks. I didnt see the one I’m referring to but the one in the theatre, all the celebrities are sitting, where is that?

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I believe she’s one of the stars painted on a 101 freeway overpass and she is surely painted on at least one of those roll down things they lock shop fronts with on hollywood blvd. Of course you can only see those after shop hours.

Of course neither of those are on a brick wall. Eh, there are tons of murals of old hollywood folk in LA.

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the specific place I was looking for is legends of the hollywood mural. :D thanks

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You can visit her grave site and other big name celebrities at pierce brothers mortuary off of Wilshire Blvd in Santa monica.

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