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Why would a contact I have in my cell phone always show up as "[No name]" when he calls me?

Asked by augustlan (47376points) May 25th, 2011

My husband’s name and phone number are (obviously) stored in my cell correctly. He’s listed as a speed dial, and as my emergency contact, and in all of those categories, his name is shown correctly. However, every time he calls me, my phone shows ”[No name]” and his phone number. We’ve checked his phone to see if he had some wacky privacy setting, and he doesn’t. What’s up with this?

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I had that once. My first guess would be to check the phone from which he’s calling. Office phones can do that.

The second reason is that you may have saved his number twice on your phone inadvertantly. Maybe you saved his number once, in an undesignated category – and it now conflicts with the other one. Your phone is “conflicted” with the number appearing twice – so it simply states “unknown.”

Let us know what it was in the end. Interesting.

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Many offices are set up so that outgoing calls are on a different number than the one you call.
It could also be that the stored number on your phone doesn’t have the area code, or has a 1 first.
Please update the question when you resolve this. It’s interesting.

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I’m sorry I wasn’t clear… he’s calling from his cellphone. I’ll check to see if I’ve got it stored twice, differently or not. Thanks for the idea.

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Oh my god. I did have him listed twice, and one of those times was an accident, so I never entered his name. Thank you both!

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Sounds like you have this resolved but one other thing that would cause this, on my phone at least, is if you didn’t enter their area code when saving the contact.

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Becuase maybe his is using a caller ID blocker. You can do this in Skype or you can dial *67 and then the number. Another thing could be that it is his provider blocking his name because of the plan he has. I hope I helped.

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