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Can you suggest a nice scenic stretch of road in Google Earth?

Asked by flutherother (30805points) May 25th, 2011

56 05 31 80 N
4 33 05 60 W
Using Google Street View this should take you to a nice autumn morning on the road running up the eastern shore of Loch Lomond in Scotland.

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Pacific Coast Highway, Big Sur (headed south) is a nice trip

The drive to Idyllwild (starting east of Hemet, CA – you definitely want to avoid a drive through Hemet) is nice.

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@WasCy Thanks for the reply. I thought this was going to be the Social Question that got no responses.

I like your answer, but that is a lot of road. I was looking for a section of three or four miles that you are particularly fond of.

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The roads I’m most fond of don’t seem to be on Street View. I’ll maybe take another look, because I thought of some more, now that I know you just want short stretches.

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Okay then: “Bigelow Hollow Road, CT”, starting from Union, CT and heading north and east to Dudley, MA is a nice drive. Trees meeting over the top of the road, a twisty, winding road (like a roller coaster if you drive it), if you’re into that sort of thing. Route 197 into Dudley is even nicer if you go that far. (It’s a few miles, to be sure.)

The Norwich-Worcester Turnpike that I stumbled upon was a nice early fall drive through the same part of the country.

People who have never driven in the Northeast are often amazed when they get off the superhighways just how heavily treed this area can be. I read back in the 1980s that New England has more trees now than at any time since Colonial days; I think that has increased.

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Beautiful countryside. I am surprised at the huge tracts of unbroken woodland. There seem to be a lot of nice little towns there also. I will have to try to go there sometime. Will have to content myself with Google Earth in the meantime.

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English countryside is great.. so is Switzerland..

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