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How crowded or how big is the 10K mansion?

Asked by Brian1946 (29783points) May 25th, 2011

As of this question, there are now about 176 jellies who have made it to the mansion, so unless it’s at least 176,000 square feet, I might start to feel crowded, and I might have to share a bunk bed with someone. (º0º)

Are there any jellies who are sharing a bed?

How many jellies with 20K or more lurve have moved out?

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I guess Brian you better find someone to share a bed with, maybe even get a threesome going. Isn’t that a man’s big dream?

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It’s exactly like the TARDIS. It’s bigger on the inside.

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@Blueroses Exactly! as well as the Perkin’s tent.

I took the cupboard under the stairs.

It’s hard to say how many have moved out. 39 moved on to the castle when they hit 20K in Lurve, and there are two living on an island when they made 40K. I don’t know how many have moved out of the Fluther tide pool permanently (cancelled their account), and there are a few that would be in in the mansion had they not killed off their profile and come back reincarnated.

And yes, there are several that share a bed.

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And since i don’t like crowds i sleep outside, in the shed.

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A lot smaller than the 20K mansion and nowhere near enough bathrooms! I am glad I got out of there before it got so crowded! ;)

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I stay in the tree-house out in the garden.

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I originally thought I was in the dog house, but now that the light bill is paid, this is definitely a boat house . . . I am a happy camper (but this is no 1000 square feet—just sayin’)

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I’ve got an entire wing all to myself, filled with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, including a chocolate swimming pool.

There’s plenty of room in my lurveshack if you’d like to move in.

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About as packed as a virgin’s pussy on prom night!

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I live in the janitor’s closet…

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There are enough Flutherites to feed a small pack of marauding zombies. I know y’all won’t listen to me, be get this bugger boarded up, fore all’s too late, ya.

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I stay in the dog room with all the other jellie’s dogs.

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I wanna share with @WillWorkForChocolate . Then we can get drunk and high on the good stuff in life :D

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@queenie Come on in! You can get high on my chocolate, yes, but you’re not allowed to get drunk on anything yet! So sayeth the overprotective mommy type person in me! :P

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