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What would happen if Friedrich Nietzsche found himself in a field full of puppy dogs?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) May 26th, 2011

This is a very serious question. A koan of sorts. The Orange Tree wants to know.

Fearing the destruction of the universe, I have grown weary of the flotsam and jetsam of half-thought questions and misdirected answers. Is the cup half full or half empty? When happiness and sadness mix, what do we end up with? Do you identify more with Nietzsche or with the puppy dogs?

This is an absurd question. Can you imagine?

It’s like Bonnie and Cleopatra racing through the desert on a 1930’s jalopy looking for the lost ark while NYC cops close in. They arrive at the oracle, who asks them, separately, “How often do you have sex?” Bonnie says, “Almost never. Three times a week.” Cleopatra says, “All the time. Three times a week.”

Your turn.

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I’m thinking thank fluther for the Social section. We lost a few good jellies, but saved the others thanks to this.

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The resolution to this koan, as in all koans, lies in embracing both Nietzsche’s dark despair and the tail-wagging puppies. Two ends of the same stick. The world has to be swallowed whole. The puppies play while Nietzsche agonizes, and all’s well.

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Armed with a large bag of treats he would exert his will to power over the pack of puppies to establish himself as the alpha male and teach them to lick peanut butter from between his toes!

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At first he would eschew all puppy related activity, being disgusted by the idea that social mores insist that he love the puppies, simply because everybody loves puppies. Then, breaking it down a bit, he would likely try to determine why puppies are so loved. He would then consider the biological component, that perhaps the cute-itude of puppies is a survival trait, and the sheer logic of that would appeal to him. After a suitable amount of intellectual and philosophical rumination, he would very likely conclude that the appeal of puppies simply is, and is not part of a greater social construct. Then, he would play with the puppies. If he got hungry, he would probably eat one.

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What the fu-..............? I’ll choose the ubermensch.

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I think one can embrace the meaninglessness of our existence and still love puppies.

Do you like Tom Robbins, w?

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At least one of the puppies would die from syphillis.

The others would look at him with limpid eyes while he remonstrates with them about decadent belief systems.

Later, the sister of the dead dog would repackage the story to a pack of rabid jackals.

I think this was what Nietzche meant about being sub specie aeternitas.

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Nietzsche coming into contact with a field of puppies would result in the equivalent of dividing by zero.

Heinlen’s Third law of Nietzsche Dynamics states that where there is:

a) Nietzsche

there cannot be

b) a field of puppies

Your question is specious, @wundayatta. You are a bad person…. and you should feel bad. *wags finger

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Nietsche would merely stare at the hundreds if not thousands of puppies and hope he is long gone before the cottonballs start to defecate.

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At first contact between his shoe and puppy doodoo, he would lose his self-control and howl.

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What are you on @wundy?

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Sorry for the historical interlude, but Nietzsche was an animal lover. He’d probably find a way to protect them from Cruella de Vil and then write a poem about what noble animals dogs are.

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Let’s turn it around again. What would a puppy dog do if it found itself in a field full of Nietzsches?

I’m thinking that it would do what puppy dogs do, and as long as it did it in the field, then everyone would be happy (except maybe one or two of the Nietzsches). Piss on em. Yep, exactly.

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“The puppys frolic and dance around me, and pee on me when I hold them, due to nervousness and joy. How like it is the perception of God on his minions.”

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@filmfann Attribution?

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Did someone call?

I think that had Nietsche ever found himself at all, the world would be rather different.

Also, puppies are their own justification- Also Sprach Fluffy

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