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How have the ancient Romans influenced our lives today?

Asked by kittykat219 (136points) May 26th, 2011

Hi. I was just thinking about this earlier.
The Roman Empire was a huge and influential one to the people of its time but does it still influence us today? I think it does right? Language or something? But what other values and ideas have we Americans taken from them?
I’m just interested to know : )

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Their architecture

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Life of Brian provides a few examples.

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Toilets with water.

Roads to major cities.

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Language, buildings, paved roads, form of government, monogamy, so many ways.

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It would probably be quicker to list how they haven’t influenced modern life.

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The growth of Christianity could be attributed to them.

The Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and propagated it. Without him Christianity would be nowhere near as powerful as it is today.

Latin was a language spoken acrossed Europe when most of the people were still living in huts. It would go on to be the root to huge chunks of pretty much every European langauge.

They created and used the very first Senate/“Republic” system in pretty much known world history. The US founding fathers borrowed heavily from that system when setting up our current system.

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