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How would you define paradise?

Asked by pool0ver (25points) May 26th, 2011

What would you describe as paradise? What do people do in paradise? What do people eat? What’s it like? etc

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This may sound odd, but my paradise would be an empty room with nothing but a type writer and fridge with unlimited supply of food and drink (so I don’t die XD) . No noise or anything, maybe my i-pod to listen to.

But then again I’d probably get lonely, so maybe I’d be able to leave that room and go hang out with my friends and family and do whatever we want to do.

I would want the best of both worlds, socialization, and isolation ^_^

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Living in a library with a Whole Foods attached.

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To me, the 30K point island that @wundayatta dreamed up is paradise:

“Welcome to the island! You have your choice of beach cabanas and beach boys. There’s also a wonderful room in the big house, windows open to the breezes and deck. Anything you could want. Sailing and Parasailing and wind surfing. Kayaks and motor boats and deep sea fishing. Whale watching and coral reef scuba diving. And the bartender on the North beach is not to be believed.

Massages every day—as many as you want. Music of your choice—live music. Did you know they actually have a different band for every style of music there is? And don’t worry about fluthering. They have a little implant you can install, and you can fluther any time you want. So if you wanted to do it between sentences, you could.

There’s more. So much more. ”


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“Now into Paradise no sorrow may ever come, but may only beat like rain against its crystal walls.” Lord Dunsany

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Temperatures between 65–80 degrees with high cloud sunny skies and moderate cloud nights. It would rain just about every morning between midnight and 5am, like Kauai. Paradise would be mostly green and lush but not too humid. Every fruit tree would bear unblemished, un buggied fruits, birds wouldn’t poop on people or cars, no disease, no deformation, no pain, no aging. In exchange a lifetime would have a cap but it sure would be worth it to me.

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Being at home, Food keeps on refilling itself in the fridge. Me lazying around and eating anything I see. My favourite shows on TV.

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No hypothetical questions! W00t!

Welcome to Fluther, though. Hypothetical answers galore.

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All the space, time and money needed to work on my projects-projects-projects. Meaning, not having to work with unpleasant people, jump hoops, kiss atthhh, deal with constant demands- just space, time and money to work on my art, writing, home improvement, theater, and any other creative project.

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Having a lot of Money to spend.. :)

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Paradise is a secluded tropical isle where you eat and drink whatever you want, and whenever you like it, being waited on by invisible staff. Must have wi-fi connection of course.

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JAMAICA….yes, man.

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I live in it. Paradise can be boring and moist.

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Paradise for me would be a secluded cottage on a private lake. One of the greatest places for me to relax and feel content is sitting out on a large, square dock with my DSLR just before dawn, thinking and pondering many of life’s mysteries.

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