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Can you tell me a paragraph near the beginning of “Heart of Darkness” that is similar to one near the end of the book?

Asked by Plone13 (13points) April 24th, 2013

I need to find a paragraph near the beginning of the book and one near the end of the book and explain how they compare, contrast, or both. This is a homework assignment, so I don’t expect you to do all the work for me. Yet if you could help by pointing me in the right direction of two paragraphs that compare/contrast then I could do the rest fine. It’s just finding them that is hard for me. I don’t have the book and the online ones I find difficult to read. The paragraph in the begging of the book does not have to be in the first chapter, just near the begging of the story. Likewise the paragraph near the end of the book does not have to bee at the very end. Also if need be I can do more than one paragraph. For example two paragraphs in ascending order from the beginning of the book and two paragraphs in ascending order near the end.
Thank you.

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Read the book (it is a good one) and then get back to me.

I have to confess, and I apologize it it rubs you the wrong way, but I really do not like people who refuse to read for their own good.
So welcome to Fluther. But my initial impression is that you are sort of a loser. I could change my mind, but until then…Read the book

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Welcome to Fluther.

Without knowing what online version you find “hard to read”, have you tried the Project Gutenberg html version of the book? Have you actually read the book, and are just having trouble with this assignment?

It seems pretty easy to read to me, and you can go up a level and get other versions, too, including an ePub version and a .PDF, I think.

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How truly bizarre that a former fluther member called @plone3000 also asked a question about “Heart of Darkness” in 2010.

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I have actually read the book, and yes that was me in 2012. I took a AP English class and now ironically I going over the book again in college. I am using my new account because my previous one had issues. I just do not want to go out and buy a book that I have already read and my library is out of copies.
@josie perhaps you should not judge people who you do not know.

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Go to and search for “Heart of Darkness,” used.

You can pick up a copy for under a dollar, plus S and H.

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