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What web browser do you use?

Asked by Paul (2717points) May 26th, 2011

Also what version? I am currently using firefox 4.0.1 but have all of the main browsers (ie, chrome, opera & safari installed as well, I like to switch). What do you use jellies?

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I predict the jelly below me uses…Opera!

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Wrong. I use Firefox too.

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@FutureMemory @marinelife 4.0.1 or do you use an earlier version or the 5.0 beta?

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FireFox 4.0.1

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I didn’t know there was a 5.0 beta.

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At home, Firefox and Chrome.
At work, IE. D=

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I used to use Firefox until I downloaded 4.0 and the text was all fuzzy and there doesn’t seem to be a remedy for it. I’m a Chrome-convert now.

Unfortunately, Chrome does not allow me to change the Japanese font, so I still use Firefox (or IE) to view Japanese text.

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Opera and Chrome

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Am I the only one using Safari on a Mac?

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@bvdshec17 We run Safari on the Mac in the main house. I don’t usually use it on my MBP though.

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On my Win 7 machine, I sometimes use Firefox and sometimes Internet Exploder (some sites work better on one, and some better on the other). On my Linux machine, I use Firefox exclusively.

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@FPSMadPaul 3.6.2 Should I upgrade?

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Chrome, never really liked Firefox.

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Firefox 4.0.1

Safari 5.0.5

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I dislike Opera. I use safari, but I think that I might switch to firefox. Off I go.

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Chrome. It runs about three times faster than Firefox, or so it seems. I only use Firefox or IEwhatever when a site requires it to conduct a transaction.

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Chrome. Haven’t touched IE in years, and was a hardcore Firefox fan. But Chrome is just so much faster and works well with all of the Google services I use.

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I use firefox 4.01[didn’t know there was a 5] but have all installed for checking web pages.

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Firefox 3.6, Chrome, Chromium, Firefox 4, Midori, dillo, lynx, and wget.

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Safari on a Mac. I have Firefox as a backup but never think to use it.

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Firefox 4.0.1 (I’m not into betas or “Aurora” builds) and Dolphin Mini

The wife likes Chrome for it’s simplicity, but occasionally has issues that I never do. And for those that think Chrome is noticeably faster, I used to think so until I got a decent computer. Once I upgraded to something less than five years old, the speed advantage of Chrome shrank to nearly imperceptible and definitely not worth giving up all of the features Firefox has.

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Windows Safari! I love it.

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I use Firefox and Chrome. Chrome is faster especially when using Google.

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@marinelife I’d say so, I can guarantee most of your add-ons will be compatible and the speed boost is immense. Just be wary about the change of UI.

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@jerv dolphin mini is a dead link. some browser.

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@anartist Yeah, I just noticed they redid their site :/ It now redirects here

Then again, I got it through the Android Market and it won’t run on Windows anyways, so unless you have an Android phone, you didn’t miss anything.

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Safari here, it works best for me. However I have some cool firefox toolbars, so I use that when I want those functions.

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