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What's a better way to end a powerpoint?

Asked by mirza (5042points) November 6th, 2007

Other then with a slide that say’s “The End”. Something smart would be really helpful.

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Next steps?

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What kevbo said.

Pictures of the sculptures you’ve had comissioned?

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i didnt really get what kevbo “next steps?” – do u want me say NEXT STEPS at the end of the ppt or are asking for what to do next??

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I would guess that he’s suggesting that the last slide include the next-action-items that should be taken from your presentation.

So rather than wrapping up and sending people on their way, wrap up and send people with a mission.

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Right. “Next steps.” “Questions?” or how about “One More Thing”?

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I think a funny picture or a joke or something is a good ending (assuming it’s appropriate for the talk).

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As many of the answers suggest, it really depends upon what you’re trying to achieve. Ask yourself what one thing you really want your audience to do after they leave the presentation (or even sooner if you can manage it). You have to spur them to action (even if that action is simply to consider something). Give them a reason to interact.

The best recent example I can think of was a presentation from the guys at, where they said anyone who came up and said “hi!” and left a card would be sent a code for 10 free cards. They got dozens of cards, and I know of a lot more people who couldn’t be bothered to wait and just used the in-hall wifi to order a full set of 100 cards there and then (that’d be me).

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I usually have a slide saying “thank you for your time” and then under that say “are there any questions”

or have an end slide with pictures summing up your presentation and say thank you for your time and then verbally say ‘are there any questions’

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