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Putting what word in a question will get you the most responses?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31083points) May 26th, 2011


What word will get you the most responses?

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@Blueroses : lol. Can you make a question with all 3 of those words in it?

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(NSFW) My cat was mating with a female and when he pulled out, his penis had fallen off. Do you think my cat is a zombie?

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I believe it’s “what topic” isn’t it ?

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No, I actually mean what words in a question will lead to the most answers.

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Dreaming about surviving the zombie apocalypse while pregnant with a LGBTQ? atheist virgin.

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Sounds like a party.

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We’re in chat btw. Water’s fine, come on in.

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Sorry then :P

But I don’t think that a question with just a word in it can get many answers.

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I’m gonna go with “What”

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As in “Why do <group of people> always <action>?”

Fluther comes out in swarms with examples why it just ain’t true.

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Here’s a sure fire winner, Would you like a futile & ultimately pointless argument?
Seems to be the current trend.

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“Fair” did pretty well . . .

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Guns, racism, something alluding to one’s right to do drugs…

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[NSFW] I dreamt that God lived in a mansion with a bunch of Atheists and he was pregnant with his gay lover, what does this mean?

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Happy Brownies

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A combination of “ignorant” with anything that’s capable of starting flame wars:
ignorant Christians
ignorant Republicans
ignorant Atheists
ignorant Liberals
ignorant Gays
ignorant Parents
ignorant Hooziewhatsits…

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PMS (combined with @funkdaddy‘s “always”)

brb dinner

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Charlie Sheen.

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“Don’t you hate…”

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“On a scale from…”

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________, _________?

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Milo gardening

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Orange tree.

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”[NSFW]” and “pubic”.

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Free gold.

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“Congratulations to____”

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@Blueroses thinking outside the box, and you are probably quantifiably correct.

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Fiddle, playing, creole, and bastard. If any of those words are in the question I make a bee-line towards it.

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Me too, just to see what all the hubbub is about.

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I don’t know if it’s allowed here but some sites allow their user to put a very attractive and seductive word to get more responses. Like this one: “HELP…...! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP…...! MY EVIL MOTHER IS GOING TO VISIT MY HOUSE!”. Or another one like: “THIS IS SERIOUS,10 LURVE IF YOU HELP ME”.

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I can’t believe nobody said “moderators”. That’s usually guaranteed to get many many many answers.

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Best way to give or have pancakes?

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Actually, writing a small computer program analyzing the SQL database can give us a real answer. But I think the technical folks are now working for Twitter.

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