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Am I losing my "questions for you"?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) May 26th, 2011

I thought my mind was playing tricks on me – but it’s happened a few times now. They just disappear. One minute they are there – I refresh – then poof they’re gone. I swear I didn’t click on remove all or anything.

Is there a bug? A ghost in the machine? Someone else in my account and bored?

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I am not positive of the mechanics, but questions seem to be dropped from “Questions for You” after they receive a certain number of replies.

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Really? I did not know that. Cool. Thanks.

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I’ve noticed that too. I will have 8 new questions… then I click to go see them and they’ve disapeared.

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I was just told that when it hits 8 answers – it is automatically removed from your list.

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It might be different depending on whether the question is in General, Social, or Meta. I have a question waiting for me right now with 14 responses, but it’s in Social.

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I think it refers to General. Which would make sense. Social and Meta – doesn’t matter how many posts there are…

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Thank you, good to know :)

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Yeah, last weekend I was away & when I logged in on the Monday I had 42 questions waiting for me to take the piss out of…...answer. I clicked on them & poof…’s down to just 6.
Strange dat!

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@johnpowell Oh my freaking goodness ..that’s a lot.

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Really? Why would they disappear after 8 replies?

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Auggie has to weigh in here and explain.

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It was a change made a while back to keep your ‘Questions for You’ more current and under control. (As @johnpowell indicates, some people get a lot of Qs.) In addition to replies (I’m not sure how many), I think when the question was asked is a factor, too. After a certain amount of time and/or replies, they drop off.

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Thanks dear.

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Anytime, darlin’.

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@augustlan Hey how come I don’t see that Federated tab?

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I ate them.

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@bob_ and @augustlan…I was wondering what that Federated tab was too.

I figured it was a “don’t ask, don’t tell” thing, though :P

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I don’t have the “Federated” tab.
@johnpowell must be very special. ;)

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Only beta users can see the Federated tab. It’s on hold at the moment, anyway.

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@augustlan Well, I’m an alpha male, so that explains that.

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I once had a 1000 questions for you. I guess that seems to be the cap off. They don’t seem to disappear for me. But you got your answer at this point…I get flooded with them and they seem to remain forever.

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This happened to me too…one day I would have 17 “Questions for You”...the next it would be down to 8. I was actually just contemplating asking this question. Thanks for saving me the effort, @zen

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Sure thing.

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