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Do you curse in front of children?

Asked by Blondesjon (33852points) May 29th, 2011

Yours? Others? Any tender ears under the age of 18?

I will admit that my kids have gotten an earful or fifty over the years and seem none the worse for wear. Yours?

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I try not to, but I did accidentally say “damn” in front of a couple of elementary school kids yesterday when the movie cashier told me they don’t have student discounts on the weekend. And then my friend proceeded to say “balls” when she dropped all her change on the floor 20 seconds later, but she swears it’s better than the “c*cksucker” she normally utters…

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I try to not cuss in front of kids, but hey, the occasional damn, shit, hell or even fuck slips out. No kids have ever died from it.

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Under 13, no, I try not to.

Over 13, they use those words themselves by then, so the hell with it, I say.

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No. Of course I don’t usually cuss anyhow.

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I also flip off every baby I see. I see it as a transcendental, almost spiritual experience. Think about it… I’m the very first person to ever flip that person off. It’s like I’m making an indelible impression on their individual history.

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I try not to, but sometimes it’s hard to spot those little fuckers.

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Only when I’m teaching them how to.

Nothing cuter than a 2-years old in nothing but diapers telling me to “Fuck off!”. :-)

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One of my ex girlfriends used to tell adults to stop being “silly sons of bitches” when she was 3.

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Not if I can help it.

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We like to say we use ALL the words in the English language.

It’s not like we cuss incessantly – but when it’s called for, yeah, my kids will hear me use bad words.

In fact, our approach with curse words is a bit like our approach with candy/sweets at our house. We have a big ‘ol basket full of candy bars, chocolates, etc. sitting out on the counter.

After dinner or as an afternoon snack the kids sometimes ask to have some candy – but since it’s not highly restricted (and it’s plentiful and always there), they more often ask to snack on grapes or a bowl of cereal (really!) – instead of asking for some Kinder Chocolate or a Hershey’s Kiss.

When things aren’t overly restricted or demonized..we find the kids end up with a better balance. Sure, they know that certain words are not for using at school or church – and they might even tease my husband and I occasionally for using ‘em—but I feel it would be silly to hide certain words from them.

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..that said, we were horrified when our neighbor’s son (aged 2 at the time) was calling all the other kids at Sunday School “Retarded MotherF&#@*rs”
None of our kids ever said words like that at pre-school ages..

We may use curse words – but name calling and being “mean” is not permitted at our house.

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I don’t swear in front of kids on purpose. Crap tends to slip out the most though.

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When my daughter was about 5, she nonchalantly told some dinner guests that were admiring my garden and flower beds, ” the only time my mommy says REALLY bad words, is when the deer eat her flowers!” lol

It wasn’t a habit,but it happened.

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I try not to cuss in front of anyone, but it just slips sometimes.

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I try not to curse in front of anyone. It slips out while driving, however. But never in front of kids. I do use other words, but I’m pretty sure they pick up on the intention. Low-brow cretin and scurvy knave don’t sound warm and fuzzy.

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Only one cuss. I would once in a while let the word shit slip out but not before they were maybe about 10 years old.
I’m not around little ones very much these days, but it amazes me how I may slip up and say the word, and appologize and the parents or grandparents tell me, “Oh, don’t worry. They’ve heard worse”. Its unbelievable that they think this ok.

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I slip up sometimes. bastard or bastard thing is one of my favorite sayings. Never in my life did I use motherf——er until my last ex who title her ex wife that. Now motherf——r is one of my favorite words that for some reason I forget is a swear words and it slips. So far the stepkids have been very polite to snicker but not call much else attention to it.

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Other people’s children, no, at least not on purpose. Now that mine are all teenagers, I will cuss in front of them. The two younger ones will not cuss in front of me, though. Even when I tell them it’s ok to say what they mean, they just can’t do it. Yet.

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No, I rarely curse in front of anyone. The exception is my younger son who is now a 1st Lt. in the Army infantry. The [expletives deleted] US Army converted him into an [expletives deleted] guy who can [expletives deleted] cuss like a [expletives deleted] sailor. Having been a sailor myself, I can keep up with him when we are out of earshot of my wife. :-)

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Far too often.

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No. I’m not much of a curser though. And I don’t have kids ..maybe if I did, I’d curse more ;)

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I feel bad when I do it but it is how I talk.

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Not in front of my own kids no. See, the wife would fucking kill me (round of applause for Mary Poppins.)
Anyone else’s kids are totally fair game. I mean, how can you not swear at those little bastards, fucking hate the brats!

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I try not to. It doesn’t matter how I feel about swearing (which I do quite a lot) it would be disrespectful to the child’s parent if I deliberately swore in front of the child because, if they are trying to keep their child from swearing or even hearing swear words for as long as possible then I don’t want to be the one that the child learnt the word “fuck” from!!!

My parents (mostly my mum) swore in front of us when we were kids and they allowed us to swer in the house but not in public (and certainly not in front of the grandparents!)

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I don’t swear at all in front of other people’s children, but I admit to sometimes swearing in front of mine. I am not huge on cursing so I don’t do it often. They do know most every swear word in the books so my kids have been known to drop an f-bomb now and then.

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I teach kids, so, I can’t. Around my own kids, I wouldn’t (I’m sure a word or two would slip out occasionally).

My Mom and Dad never did. We did get the occasional “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!”, though ;-)

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@jonsblond used to get on me for cursing in front of our two boys. I remedied this by taking her to the window in the back of our house that looked out on where the boys were playing with their friends. I opened the window and let her take a listen.

She never complained again and the boys couldn’t understand why Mom was so pissed at them for the ext couple of weeks.

this is from when they were roughly 8 and 10 years old. they are now 17 and 19 and some of the stories they have told about the ‘good old days’ of playing have even shocked me. please note: these are straight A, high honor roll, top percentile in the nation children. it just proves that smart ain’t always pretty.

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No, I don’t. I have a wicked potty mouth, but I don’t swear in front of kids. Once they hit their teens, I loosen up a little bit. It is just habit to avoid it, I don’t really see any harm. Words are just words.

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What gets me is when people cuss like crazy, no holds barred, in front of their children, then smack the kids when they cuss! It’s like HELLLOOOO!!

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