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What is the most profound thing a stranger ever told you about you?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14647points) May 30th, 2011

I was out drinking way too much recently. I found myself sitting with a woman in the corner of a bar. She said she wanted me to know she had a boyfriend, and she just wanted to talk. I looked at her for a moment and asked “Do I come off the bad boy type?”. She said “You look like you used to be, and grew out of it.”

I am curious to hear if anyone else has been given insight into themselves from strangers, and to hear their stories.

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“You’re probably a terrible boyfriend, but you’d make the perfect husband. Hang in there.”

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Thanks Fiddle Player, not exactly what I was looking for tho…

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought really? Why not? A stranger told me that and I thought it was a pretty profound insight into my self.

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Oh sorry Fiddle, I thought you were responding to mine. Gonna hit great answer right now

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I got something like that….

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Darn I will give you two.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought oh okay, I see what you did. No worries.

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I met some lady once, who used to be a probation officer. She suspected that I went through a lot of bad shit. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. But a lot of it was bad shit to me, anyways, so it was kinda cool and all nice feeling that someone was able to pierce me that fast, through talking about pizza and scented candles for twenty minutes.

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After talking to a salesman for 5 minutes, he looked at a co-worker and, pointing at me, said “Look out for this guy. He is a street-smart intellectual.”
I was floored by the comment.

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I was in a coffee shop here and town and this hippie family was sitting next to me. When leaving, they stopped by at my table and the Dad said “you seem like a genuinely happy person” and he smiled. I thanked them and they walked out of the coffee shop.

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@Jude That’s pretty kick ass right there. Was the dad right?

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@Symbeline I’d like to think so. :)

Not sure what the fuck it was that I was doing to give that off, though, lol.

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I was told on an airplane that I’m a very charismatic person.

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@Jude LOL If you weren’t doing anything outrageously specific, he was probbaly right. :)

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Thank you as we handed out winter clothes on Christmas Eve to the homeless living under Wacker Drive in Chicago.

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“Watch out, you are standing in the afterbirth.” Told to me on a cold winter morning, on a farm, talking to a man about his ewe who had just given birth to triplets. I will most likely never be told anything like that again in my life.

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“You have perfect posture, and that’s rare in women as tall as you.”

Hear me out, it may not sound “profound,” but it actually says a lot about how much unharnessed confidence I have inside. Confidence that I wasn’t even aware of.

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ANef_is_Enuf that rocks

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Also, I should point out, that was said to me almost 10 years ago by a stranger. It still sticks with me. Definitely struck a chord. :)

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I’ve had a lot of people call me smart, intellectual, “know-it-all”, or something similar, but there have been a few times when I’ve gotten those comments without even saying a word.

I have also been called a complete asshole; something I never suspected about myself until it was pointed out.

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I was happy just finished having a shower using my favorite soap eversince I can recall, Ivory. Then I went out to our backyard party and kissed a neighbor’s cute 4 year old daughter. She then said to me, “You stink!”

(This may not be a suitable answer to this question but boy, did that make me ponder a lot.)

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When I had worked at a Toys R’ Us, I helped a little old lady find everything she wanted on her list of over 20 items during the holidays (Which was nothing but pure luck, since many things were sold out at the time). While I did, we talked about a lot of different things. She told me all about her grandchildren, children and hobbies. She was such a cute old lady.

When she had everything she needed, she turned to me and said, “You’re a really fuckin’ terrific kid you know that? I hope your mother is fuckin’ proud.” It struck me that she’d say something like that, so honestly. She walked away with her cart of goodies, leaving me feeling pretty warm inside.

Wish my Grandma was like that . . .

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When I was twelve and in line with my dad at the Post Office, a European man started telling me about how Jesus Christ is the most loving figure in our lives. It doesn’t sound as sweet recapping it, but something about his words, accent, smile and overall genuity, it was really profound. But all the while he was talking, nothing he said was ever cemented so much in religion, it was almost as if he was speaking the concept with Christ as the example. I’m not religious; I was becoming less and less religious at that age, but damn, that guy kind of made me feel guilty for it..

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