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It seems like almost every one understands the concept of Catch 22 but how many have actually read the book?

Asked by rojo (24176points) August 9th, 2017

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I read it sometime in the late 60s.

The movie came out in the early 70s, and was not a disappointment….

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I have a friend Wes that was pretty much my buddy in Alcoholism along with Aaron. So when I was 19 to 25 we would play cribbage all day in his studio apartment that was a mess of beer cans and crumbling bookshelves. He had thousands of books in his tiny place. I borrowed Catch-22 from him and got a few chapters in. Then I was running through the park next to my house and the copy fell out of my bag and I didn’t notice.

I bought him a new copy and finished it before I gave it back.

It was a good book. The Art of The Deal is better, just saying.

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How many? I don’t know, but I have. I read it at a time when “everyone” was reading it.

The movie wasn’t nearly as good.

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I read it.

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Me. Major major.

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There is a book?

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I’ve read it at least twice. I’ll read it again sometime.

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I’ve read it. Didn’t like it much

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I read it during the 60’s. It resonated with the times. I don’t know if I would appreciate it as much if I read it again.

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Liked it the first time I read it. Was rereading it to teach a few years ago and found it boring and repetitious – sort of like being in the army, I guess. Decided not to use it for the class.

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I’ve read it. I went through a period where I read a lot of the 20th century classics. I found it to be okay, but it wasn’t quite as good as I was expecting. Like, I got the sense of absurdity, but after a while it got to be a bit much.

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