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Name one fruit, veg, condiment, or meat (fish/poultry) that you refuse to eat?

Asked by Jude (32190points) May 30th, 2011

Got this idea from Nef’s question.

You can only pick one.

You couldn’t pay me to eat an oyster.

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Mayonnaise. shudders

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Raw tomato. Hands down. Blech. They’re all slimy and seedy and goopy… disgusting.

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You’re talking mainstream stuff here, not like Rocky Mountain Oyster?

Liver. Yeeeeech, eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww.

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@Pied_Pfeffer @ANef_is_Enuf But mayonnaise and a good tomato are essential to a BLT!

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I’ll try pretty much anything, but onions. They make me ill, and I don’t even like the flavor. I am ok with rye bread after years of not liking it. I don’t like too many pickled things yet. I’ll smell it, try it and if I don’t like it fine, I’ll try it in a few years again. But onions: No, no, never. If you want to kill me, use onions. I have massive hate for onions.

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@zenvelo truthfully, nothing about a “BLT” appeals to me.

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I hate cucumbers and green peppers and refuse to eat them, or anything that has come into contact with them.

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Egg plant! HS Yuck!

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@zenvelo Mainstream. They’re slimy, little buggers.

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@Only138 only one, cheater! ;)

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@ANef_is_Enuf I didn’t like tomato at all till I went to mexico and had some roma tomatoes… They were not bad. Tomatoes have to be one of my least favorite fruits though.

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@everephebe we should do lunch.

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Fruit: Watermelon, figs close behind.
Veg: whew, I can only get ONE? Spinach, squash, black-eyed peas, peas, egg plant, green beans, lima beans, cabbage, alfalfa, broccoli, Brussel spouts…D’oh! It said only one, but they are all nasty so it is so hard.
Condiment: Relish
Meat: Any fish other than Tuna and no squid.

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As in anything other than in baking. Scrambled, fried, hard-boiled, deviled, it’s all disgusting.

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Even if it means that I’m not a fun guy, I still don’t like fungi. ;-)

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Le Suer peas. They are the most vile way to turn a perfectly fine veggie into what I assume diarrhea tastes like.

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Anything from the ocean, that counts as one right?!

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“Le Suer peas. They are the most vile way to turn a perfectly fine veggie into what I assume diarrhea tastes like.”

If Suer is pronounced as it appears, then I’d say it’s an appropriate name.

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@Brian1946 I guess I made a mistake, it’s spelled sueur (and pronounced sewer with a frenchy accent). I guess it means “sweet” in French, but perhaps this is the French of the French Revolution, where you were lucky to be able to eat sewage.

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Get me something to vomit in, quickly.

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Lamb, mutton, anything that comes from one of those critters of any age! Can’t stand the way it smells cooking, or looks even!

But they are cute as can be when they are still walking around on 4 legs!

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I refuse to eat anything that ever lived in the water….......ANYTHING!!!!!

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Brussel sprouts. ugh.

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Humus ..eew gritty ickness.

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Pork, I just can’t stomach pork roast and the taste and texture of ham disgusts me.but will have the occasional piece of bacon if it is cooked until it is almost burnt..

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@ANef_is_Enuf truthfully, nothing about a “BLT” appeals to me.

@Hypocrisy_Central Fruit: Watermelon

Get out.

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@chocolatechip you can’t make me. :\ Plus, I prefer my bacon sandwiches with mustard, lettuce and dill pickle.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Okay, when you said nothing appeals to you about a BLT, I thought you meant you didn’t like bacon either, which is of course, unacceptable.

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@chocolatechip ohh, no. Just the combination. I like bacon. I love lettuce.

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Since I’m a vegetarian that limits what I do eat anyway. No meat, fish or fowl.

So I’m going to go with eggplant.

It’s kind of funny because a lot of the things that everybody else has chosen are my everyday staples: Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, hummus, yams. And I love mayonaise, sauerkraut, cabbage, squash, broccoli, and pickle relish and onions. I’d starve to death if I didn’t eat all of those things.

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Oh my goodness ..I just realized I typo’d hummus earlier. So yeah, I meant hummus ..not humus.

@Kardamom I have only tried a few different hummus dips ..I found them too gritty and “funny” tasting. Maybe I need to try some more different ones.

If it wasn’t hummus, it would be spinach.

I’m vegetarian too ..people think I’m weird because I hate spinach, lol.

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Fresh cream of any kind. Not only do I dislike it, it will also make me very ill within the hour.

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Liver. I get queasy just thinking about it.

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I feel like an ass but…what in tarnations is eggplant?

My answer, blood pudding, gah. Goddamn, ew. Not only is it dried up blood, but it looks like a log. Or some kind of giant worm shlong thing.

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@Symbeline it’s a vegetable/fruit that is usually big and purple. It’s used in Greek lasagna afik.

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@chocolatechip Watermelon is one of the most waste of a fruit nature ever made. It is not sweet, it is messy to eat and it is more like a squishy hunk of bland bad tasting watered down something…haven’t figured what, but away from me is best.

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@tranquilsea Oh, those. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever had that, unless it was mixed in something.

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@PluckyDog You can actually make hummus out of other kinds of beans. I guess technically it’s not “traditional” hummus, but it is certainly labeled hummus at the store and there are lots of yummy recipes that you might like. Here’s one for White Bean Hummus that has the basic ingredients of the traditional kind with chickpeas (so the flavor is similar, but the texture is smooth and creamy). And here is one for Red Bean Hummus and here is one for White Bean and Artichoke Hummus and here’s one for White Bean and Basil Hummus


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@Kardamom Thank you, I’ll look into it. Yeah, I think it’s the mashed chickpeas that I don’t like. Although, I don’t mind chickpea falafel long as I have a lot of other stuff with it.

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@Kardamom thanks for the idea. I foresee some alternative-bean hummus-making in my near future!



Goat’s milk.

Lamb meat.

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Yeah Cilantro like @MRSHINYSHOES says. It tastes like soap to me. I was so wrapped up with hating pork that I forgot about that disagreeable weed. I think if there is a hell, they serve ham and pork seasoned with cilantro for every meal.

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Anything with meat.

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