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How do I delete the text box border lines in Word?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) May 30th, 2011

In Mac Word, when I draw a text box, it always has black line border around it. I know there is some way to delete this text box border lines, but I can’t remember how. Please HELP!!

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I use Word for Windows, so don’t know how helpful this will be. Once a textbox is inserted and selected, you use the Format menu to select “Text Box…”, which open a dialog box with a “Colors and Lines” tab. On this tab is a dropdown control for Line – “Color”, which includes a “No Line” option among the colors to select.

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Look for a ‘Format Text Box’ menu item. The box border itself has to be selected when you right-click; if you select the box content, you don’t see the options for the box itself.

You can also choose fill color, line style (if you want a line), and other options when you do this.

I use Windows too, but it can’t be that different.

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On a Mac it is Format—> Shape—> Line after you select the text-box.


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