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If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) May 30th, 2011

For me, right now, eggplant. Spicy eggplant from the Chinese restaurant near me. Artichoke is a close second – assuming I could prepare them differently.

What about for you?

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If I may stretch the parameters of your question a wee bit, I choose salad.

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Perch or candy canes….am I allowed to flip a coin here??

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Papaya with lime juice.

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@Brian1946 I could not agree more.

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@Brian1946 I don’t hate onion, but I’d rather not have them in my salad. ;)

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I’m not joking

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The Pad Thai from this one restaurant (everyone screws it up).

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Plain White Rice.

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MMM.. speaking of spicy eggplant… I love when my mom makes that!!

Hmm, but anytime I usually say that I could eat something forever… I will eventually get sick of it.. But for now, I suppose if I had to pick at this moment, I’d say…. Fresh Rolls.

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Eat forever? Goodness gracious! Ok, I’ll go for lobster fried rice. Yum. : )

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@Prosb wins the thread. Same answer here for me. Think about it…it has to something you can never get sick of. Sure, you favourite food may seem appealing to you now, but I guarantee after a week at most, eating it for EVER SINGLE MEAL, EVER, you will get sick of it. But you can’t get sick of rice.

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@curiouscat: hey! Could you get that recipe from your mom by any chance? I’m desperate for new eggplant recipes. I’d save so much money if I knew how to make it well myself!!

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It’s the only food that actually has sufficient nutrients that you can actually survive on it and remain healthy if you eat nothing else. Also there are a variety of ways to prepare them so I guess it would be slightly less boring.

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