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What was the last meal you had?

Asked by zensky (13372points) November 1st, 2011

Depending on the time there, and when you read this – it will vary, of course; breakfast, lunch or supper?

What did you have – and was it your choice?

Did you enjoy it, savour it, look forward to it or appreciate it?

I just had schwarma for dinner – treated myself to it – with fries and salad, beer and then an espresso I made myself on my new machine. It was heaven.

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Chicken Karahi with Naan. Look it up :)

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Fruit smoothies. Yumm.

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Egg salad sandwich. Just now.

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6” Subway Club on wheat, no cheese, all the veggies, spicy mustard.

Total calories: 320

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Just finishing up now:

Miniature bell peppers, PBJ, apple, yoghurt, and a few pieces of leftover Halloween candy.

Not my choice, no. My wife—bless her soul—usually throws my lunch together while I make our morning coffee.

I do get a little tired of the PBJs (a common feature), but I’m always very, very grateful that she does this for me. Every lunchtime it’s like opening a little love letter.

I savored the peppers (very pretty, too), endured the PBJ, am enjoying the yoghurt about as much as one can enjoy yoghurt, and plan on relishing these little Twix bars.

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Breakfast this morning. I had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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A bowl of homemade minestrone soup.

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Cheese ravioli.

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Steak for lunch, a little horseradish on the side.

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Mmmm…schwarma sounds delicious! With tahini sauce. Getting that this weekend for sure.

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Homemade lentil/veggie soup with extra curry, cumin and turmeric and garnished with a T. of my latest favorite source of calcium, toasted sesame seeds.

A glass of ice water, 1 T. organic grape juice and 1 t. organic apple cider vinegar as a nice tonic.

Breakfast was 1 C. steel cut oatmeal with a small splash of local maple syrup and some cinnamon followed by a mug of brewed Earl Grey tea with a little almond milk. Week three of my new vegan regime, which has become surprisingly easy. (It is, however, making me annoyingly self-righteous. I have to restrain myself from preaching to people who are eating differently.)

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Lunch—a Mexican-style chicken breast, butterflied and grilled to perfection. With homemade corn tortillas and an amazing jalapeno salsa. Mmmmmmm.

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I made a delicious pan of baked apples using Honey Crisp apples last night!
OMG! Sublime! Just right, tart, not soggy, with a touch of sugar and cinnamon. Smelled and tasted heavenly!

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Dinner. Cereals and milk.

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I got home really late from trick or treating last night, which involved several drives back and forth from one end of the county to the other.

By the time I got back to the residence where I’m house sitting, I was famished and tired. So I nuked a veggie corndog and a yukon gold potato. It was surprisingly good! I also had a little bit of the red pickled onions that I made a few days ago, those were excellent! Oh yeah, and I had some peanuts in the shell, which I also nuked. Makes ‘em taste just like the ones you get at the ballgame.

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A salad consisting of spinach and some other random leafy greens with pistachios, dried tomatoes, onions and pine nuts topped with an orange pepper dressing (wow that sounds better when I type it out). This was followed by chicken stir-fried with some curry sauce, sambal and thin noodles. Then I had a kiwi for dessert.

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I just copy/pasted that to try @Mamradpivo

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@Mamradpivo Can you provide the recipe for the orange pepper dressing? That sounds yummy!

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My one meal today was two eggs on toast. It’s almost bedtime.

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Sausage parmesan grinder. Comfort food.

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Pizza, I still have the sauce fresh on my lips.

any ladies want a taste?


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We ate out today for lunch and having left overs for dinner. I had enchiladas with rice and refried beans. Boy was it yummy!!!

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Homemade chicken parmigiana over spiral pasta for breakfast this morning.

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A bagel with butter for lunch at work.

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Just had some matzo ball soup. My husband was feeling under the weather so it seemed like a good idea.

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Red snapper and corn.

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Just had an apple, cheese, and bread to tide me over until dinner (I accidentally ate my lunch at 9:30 this morning).

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My partner cooked me a big bowl of chilli for dinner

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I had a nice warm meal about 10 minutes ago. It was the first hot meal in 24 hours (me being from a middle class family it’s kind of long considering I usually eat 2 warm meals a day). I loved every bite. It was chicken breast and beef flavored rice. I also had a piece of warm buttered bread. It all tasted so goooooooood!!!!! I always love my moms cooking.

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Broccoli and bacon quiche. I enjoyed the crap out of it.

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@downtide, I didn’t know you folks in England ate chili. I always think of it as a distinctively American dish. I love chili and I had some for lunch today. But mine was veg.

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Ummm! I love schwarma.
Tonight I had grilled pork chops, orecchiette pasta in a creamy chicken flavored pasta with carrots. For dessert I had some Ben & Jerry’s Shweddy Balls ice cream. Ahhh.

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2 bean burritos from Taco Bell for dinner, feast fit for a king as far as I’m concerned.

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@KidCurtis I love Taco Bell. I hoarde their packages of salsa and use them later. Does that make me a bad person?

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@AmWiser I’ve been dying to try the Schweddy Balls. Did you love it? Doesn’t it have malt balls in it or something equally awesome?

I just had Trader Joe’s pasta primavera with asparagus. Super yummy (big enough for 2 people, but I ate it all) and then I had some shortbread cookies with raspberry filling.

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@Kardamom Hell no it doesn’t, makes you a smart one, I ask for extra fire sauce knowing I’m not going to use them all at one sitting everytime I go there.

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For supper tonight I had sausages, apples and cheese wrapped in puff paste, zucchini with walnuts, and leftover Halloween cookies. It was delicious, thank you.

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I had a really crappy Sonic burger. It was cheap, and so was I evidently.

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Oh, I could have mentioned a huge serving of bullshit and tripe I fed at a meeting yesterday around 5. It was WAAAY over the RDA of bullshit so I’m going to have a bullshit free diet from now on. I can feel the dead weight coming off now.

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I had a bacon and cheese pastry this morning (about 7 hours ago) haven’t had much else since then. If that doesn’t count as a meal, I had a bowl of cereal last night.

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