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What would you like to see a life-sized version of?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) May 31st, 2011

First off, this is awesome: life-size Hot Wheels track!

So, what is something small that we use or see that would be really neat as a life-sized version? Could be a toy, something our pets use, anything!

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I would like a life-sized version of those little remote control helicopters. Imagine flying a real helicopter with a little controller!

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That was awesome…. that guy got some serious air.

I would like to see life size Legos used as a building material.

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WOW!! That is Nuckin Futz!! A life sized diamond would be cool to have on the coffee table.

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James May’s Lego House is pretty awesome.

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@Pied_Pfeffer He looks like a Lego kind of guy.

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A life-sized version of this action figure would be cool.

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I want to see a life-size Candyland… oh, wait. Ok, but really, I would love to see some life-size board games – Clue, Sorry!, Monopoly. I think it’d be pretty fun to be your own piece in a game.

Edit: Oh! Chutes and Ladders and Mouse Trap would be so much more fun.

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Rainbow Road racetrack from Mario Kart

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@YoKoolAid Rainbow Road is the coolest! I also want a real sized Super Blooper Kart that drops bananas behind me.

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Thats awesome because i just watched this video a second ago. I would love to have a life size version of.. never mind i can’t beat a life size hot wheels track.

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B-24 Liberator Bomber made out of original materials (not plastic). I’d park it on my front lawn. It would blow my houme owners association away. It would make national news for sure!

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A jolly jumper.

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Life-sized Trouble game!

And my own TARDIS, of course, complete with Ten inside. Waiting in his bunk.


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@aprilsimnel I’m afraid I already called dibs on Ten

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@erichw1504, way cool! Lif-size My Little Ponies would be amazing.

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WAITTT I thought of one hours later XD

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Life size LEGO PIECES, nuff said. \m/(_)\m/

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^^ fail not letting me do the rock face

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Life-sized, drivable Battlebots!
What rush hour traffic?

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