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To answer my own question…
Woodbury Shortridge
Rustie McCumber

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I wanted to give my first son the middle name “Danger” but my fiancee said no…. i’m sad.
Also… my irish alter ego on St. Paddy’s day is “Paddy O’Furniture”

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Demitrix (I like the spelling)

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i knew a guy named zane and another dude named ziek i thought those were kinda crazy!!

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Anna Antic (yes, her real name)
Lauren McGillicutty
Dusty Irons

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My friend Big John is friends with Chris Senn.. I was at a party on night and hung out with Chris. He named is kid Anakin Senn. That is pretty bad ass.

Here is a video of Chris. Big John is the drummer that plays on that video.

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My grandson id Jude, of course, granny Judi thinks that’s an awesome name.

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There’s a user on fluther whose son’s name is Xander Atticus.

That might be the most awesome name in the existence of humanity.

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I knew a Jolly once.

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I know 2 sisters, both very musically gifted, named Melody and Symphony.

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@eambos Agreed, that is an awesome name. But if it were my name, I would feel under pressure to save lives and change the world…. it’s quite the hero-name.

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I knew a kid named Sage in junior high. And I know another guy named Kasra, but everyone calls him Kas. (Their last names aren’t that interesting.)

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Zyler Bock. Nephew of Blyth Augustus and Justus.

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I knew a guy named Dominador…he was destined to not be a wus :)

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The spokesman for Rochester Gas and Electric used to be Mike Power.

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Joe Kuhel (pronounced “cool”)

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@Dave; Now that IS a cool name!

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Rhellie (It rhymes with Kelly)

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@veronasgirl ; Does she/he get called relish?

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All the time, and remember the Cinder-relly song from the Disney movie Cinderella? That was her theme song.

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I worked with The Do (pronounced Tay Doe). Great to see in print, though.

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I always thought about how people would tease a name when naming children. Who would have thought that Landon would get, “Landon bridge is falling down.”
Kids will think of anything!

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I like all of the alliterating and double names of these people I know: Rose Rainbow, Larry Larrick, Robert Roberts, Thomas Tymstone

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I’m friends with a guy named Justis Mershon, I always thought his name was pretty unusual/cool.

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My aunt used to like to tell about her friends, the Butts, who said they had to be so careful when naming their children. So what did they name their kids? Rusty and Merry…
I think the coolest name I’ve ever heard was a lady who is an instructor at a local TEC school. Her name is Iwanna Guess. So when people say ‘what is your name?’ and she says Iwanna Guess… well, I think it’s funny!

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@Judi, it’s good for building character! One of our boys is named Carter. He’s in kindergarten and he said sometimes kids call him Carter the Farter. (must…not…laugh…) He handles it pretty well.

I knew a girl named Story. I always thought that was a cool name. As for appropriate names, the janitor at my jr. high school was Richard Junk.

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I do ave a friend named Noel Carroll. She got the last name by marriage.

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And yes, that’s me! c00lnessssss, yessss

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I like Tao.

I also think my own son’s name is very “cool”, his name is Cash. I think all the names I have picked out for children are “cool” i will not share

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Cash is PIMPIN’!

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my 4th grade teacher’s name was janet jackson.

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Oh, I just remembered! I went to grade school with a boy named Michael Jordan.

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I used to work with Michael Jackson.

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So is it cool to list the real names of your real friends on a site like this? When they search on their names, they’ll get a hit on your entry saying you know them.

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They are all in the past. The current ones I think are cool, I’m keeping secret, @Jeruba.

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My fiancee’s niece is named Bjork… i laughed my ass off when i found out :)

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There was a very nice lady in our town named Persis Pooley – I have always loved her name.

I went to school with Rivers Hatchett and Chapel Temple.

And, of course, there is someone in our town named Mary Christmas and someone named Candy Barr.

I grew up knowing the Gunn family – Pop, Bebe, Squirt and Tommy.

I had an ancestor named Nebelow Woleben (his first name is his last name backwards).

If you want to go historical, Governor Hogg of Texas named his daughter Ima (she was an only child; he did not give her a sister named Ura). Ima Hogg never married but became a collector of antiques and art, and was a philanthropist.

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I used to work with a lady named Misty Peaks.

My old boss was married to Jerry Jarrett after divorcing Glenn Glenn (SO serious).

Also worked with a dude named Jim Swim.

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I had a friend called Michael Rourke (we called him Mike but not Mickey) and another called Laura King (which I guess you could always abbreviate to L.King). One of my best friends is called Jean-Claude Ribeiro, which I find cool. We just call him Johnny though.

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@eambos – That name exudes strength and character! My husband also thinks it makes a great diabolical name!

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A woman whose married last name became Teeter-Totri.
A guy named Wing.
Women named Kyanne (pronounced like cayanne pepper), Seven Star, Radiance.
I actually met a Sandy Beach one time.
There’s a doctor in town whose name is Warner Swarner…I figured his parents did not like him much.
Garfield Debardelaben…that’s a mouthful for a little kid to learn!

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I like ironic and funny names because you never forget them, or at least I don’t. Here are the two that I will never forget as long as I live:

The first was a client I had from India whose first name was Aashit, pronounced “Awww Shit!” He had a really good sense of humor about it too, probably because he was 10x richer than 99% of the Americans that got a chuckle out of his name.

The second is someone I never met personally, instead they were one of my Mom’s students (she is an Occupational Therapist). This child’s name was Luke Walker…...His parents thought it would be funny to give him the middle name Sky.

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@Jack79 I know a Laura King, and her twin is Rachel King.

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my friend is an only child, so it’s not her. Would be interesting to meet the King Twins though :)

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Ryan for a girl…love it!!!

I also love the name Sloane. My son’s name is Adam, and I wish I hadn’t fought my husband when he wanted to spell it A-t-o-m.

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Richard Long- known as Dick… very funny parents..great Dad

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Rick Beer and Chas McCool.

met them both at the same job as well

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@gimmedat ~ Atom is such a cool name!!

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My niece’s friends named their baby Jack Danger.
They are doing a blog for him, but I have to find the link.

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Dusty Dicks- No I am not a perv! This is real, I went to high school with this guy’s sister.

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@Jack79 No, it really wouldn’t be interesting to meet them, they’re kind of wannabe emos, and they’re really mean.

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Do nick names count? I have a group of guys friends:
...poor Brian :(

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When I was a young boy, we bought our house from a woman whose maiden name had been Juana Moore. Her first name is pronounced like the female version of Juan.

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I’ve a friend named Skipper Pickle.

My name is Frisco Del Rosario, which means that online searches for me don’t hit more than one person, and I’m kinda thankful for that.

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The link for Jack Danger is http:\\ It’s pretty funny.

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@frdelrosario My husband’s grandfather is named Rosario. We considered naming one of our boys after him, but didn’t like the idea of people calling him Rosie, or thinking we’d named him after Rosario Dawson. Shouldn’t her name be Rosaria? Anyway, thanks to my unusual first name coupled with my husband’s Italian last name, googling myself is always very rewarding!

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zack or zackery

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I had a great uncle named Romeo. He did not like it so he used his initials R.A. or Du…his last name was DuHamel.
I think Romeo would have been an awesome name!

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My nick name is Link and I think it’s pretty cool, but I like Anakin and Cash! I’m going to name my son Chuck Norris lol.

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I forgot about my friend named Ulla (pronounced like ooo-la, not uuu-la). Anyway, she dated an Oriental fella for a few months whose last name was La. I was sooooo hoping they would get married so her name would be Ulla La. Ooooh-la-la!!

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Lovely Paronia and Hannah Blades

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I saw a man named Danish working at Dunkin Donuts. I thought it was amusing.

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@jamielynn2328 Haha reminds me of a surgeon I used to know: Dr. Sucher.

Also, My friend’s dad used to know a dentist by the name of Dr. Florine… that’s only one electron away from fluoride. Which, at the risk of revealing my inner nerd, I find hilarious.

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My son’s orthodontist was Dr. Fear.

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@Dorkgirl Hahahaha, that reminds me of my old PE (gym) teachers Mr. Payne and Mr. Savage. I wonder if they have some manner of evil syndicate in the works?

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@Nially_Bob I think it’s funny when people wind up in professions that correspond to or are reflected in their names.
Yes, evil syndicates are at work… :)

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I had a friend, she passed away last summer, her name was Shahanaz…I loved that name…and I think my second son’s name is cool – we named him Arkadiy and call him baby bird Ark for short…

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My 22 year old son swears he went to school with a girl named Yung Fat Ho.
Not sure I really believe him on that one…

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I know a girl who’s real name is Ultima. We call her Timi for short.
I used to tease her about it sounding like an anime character or something, my bad.

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There is a presenter on Radio New Zealand National NZ public radio called Cosmo Kentish Barnes. The name appeals to me.

Radio New Zealand


The people I know say my real name is the coolest they’ve heard, but I can’t reveal it online for security reasons. Lol.

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There is a local coucilman whose last name is Beers. His campaign slogans have to do with good things brewing.

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@Yetanotheruser with a name like Beers you’d be an utter, not to mention boring, fool not to milk it :)

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@Adagio I know him personally. He has a good head on his shoulders~

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willie waldman.,.....
jodi jervis
and my great nephew I nicknamed Colonel Sanders – my niece hates it….

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My daughter went to school with a diverse make up. I remember one little boys name which I’ll do my best to phonetically spell because I surely don’t know the correct spelling.

ill la va ha gen.
I had a classmate: her name was Delia Delia, (D’lia is the last name pronunciation). Of course some teachers called her Delia Delia.

One more. Had a female classmate in H.S. She was from Africa. She had somewhat of a long name which included “funke” which we called her for short. We pronounced, with no disrespect, “funky” but in the real name it was pronounced with a short u.

One last one. A chinese restaurant in the area was called Good Ho. (for real)

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I’m actually a month and wanted to name my daughter a month, but thought there’d be too much static from her teachers about that.

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I’ve had a long-standing argument with my fiancee about giving our first child (if it happens to be a boy) the middle name “Danger”. She doesn’t want it.

However, we had a Star Wars marathon today (thank God for rainy sundays)... and she actually came up with the idea of giving the kid the middle name “Darth”.

yet another reason to love her

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@Dr_C Why can’t a girl have the middle name Danger? I would have loved that!

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@casheroo me too, however it’s a hard sell for a boy with Mrs. C. A girl is a definite No-go.
I think it didn’t help that I said to a friend (within earshot of Mrs. C) that if I named the kid that he would be a “pussy-magnet”.

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I knew a husband and wife Harry and Mary Kerry

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