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Tintin fans: How do you feel about Steven Speilberg and Peter Jackson creating a 3D animation movie- "Adventures of Tintin- Secret of Unicorn"?

Asked by krrazypassions (1345points) June 3rd, 2011

Herge’s Tintin series has a huge fan following over past several decades! Animated and live-action versions of the comic series have been made before, but now, with great technological advances- motion capture and special effects- and great filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson crafting a new 3d animated version , its a much bigger deal and awesome treat for Tintin fans and other film-lovers. How do you feel about this?

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I must not be from this world because I may have heard of Tintin once or twice in my life but no recall here. Lassie I remember and Toto in Oz but this seems like the bomb that the Wachowsky brothers did with Speed Racer. Not enough people would care and pay to see it enough to be a hit.

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You must be kidding.. try reading one Tintin comic book.. you’ll find a free ebook easily on the internet! And then tell me if you aren’t hooked to it! TIntin series is hilarious, full of adventure, mystery and really enjoyable!
You’ve surely heard of Steven Spielberg though? And Peter Jackson? They are BIG fans of Tintin, and so is @krrazypassions :P

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My friend had a massive collection of Tintin books. I never got into them, though and I will probably not see this movie, unless it gets rave reviews.

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@krrazypassions Sorry I’m that pathetic. I even thought Tintin was a dog! Lol. I agree with @erichw1504 I’ll wait for the rave reviews otherwise I’ll pass. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are great directors but they do miss with choosing the right project at certain times. Spielberg has a whole team of script reviewers he relies on and I believe they do not serve him well what with the lackluster results of movies he directed in the box office, as compared to his great successes before. And Peter Jackson overestimated Kinkong’s appeal to modern audiences.

And now they have collaborated on adapting something that needs to compete for attention even if that something had a great track record in print. It’s either together they will break their bad luck or together they will sink deeper and faster than before. I would have been more excited if they came up with an original creation like what George Lucas did on that day on the beach when he and Spielberg were sunbathing. Lucas mentioned to Steven about this archeology professor who fought the Nazis and raced against them to get the Lost Ark of the Hebrews.

George did not want to produce or direct, he just wants to have fun watching it so Steven agreed to do it. They asked Lawrence Kasdan to write and the rest is history. This is the time for the great directors to create something no one has heard before.

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I feel its gonna be a great adventure for all movie-fans! Have a look at the trailer

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Never really liked the cartoon, well it is from Belgium! ;¬}
Movie looks promising though, I love the Thompson Twins.

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@ucme Thompson Twins, yesss!

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The trailer looks quite epic. I notice that it seems to include a scene (the airplane scene) from a different Tintin adventure though. I wonder how this is gonna turn out…still, I love Tintin, I’m gonna check this out.
If it works out, we may get the continuation of that two part adventure like in the comics, unless they decide to bundle both comics together…(most of this two parter, in the first comic, is past ancestral history… which makes it odd that they’re making a movie about the one comic where in the present time, not a hell of a lot actually even happens)
I hope it has a lot of cool eye winks to the other comics, like the The crab with the Golden Claws airplane scene. As long as it makes sense to the original premise lol.
Seems to use a lot of new material though. I don’t remember no fist fight in some shack lol.

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I’m really not sure about this. To be honest I’m not a diehard Tintin fan, we were an Asterix et Obelix family, but we did have a couple of Tintin adventures and I did make the effort to borrow out as many as my school library had. I have watched some of the animated features based on the comics, but I didn’t know there was already live action version out there.

What I’m worried about with Spielberg’s and Jackson’s version is this sort of 3D cross between animation and live action. I just think that… well.. it’s a cartoon comic series, why not make a cartoon movie? Or, go completely opposite and fun and make it completely live action, because it’d be fun to see who they could pick out to be Tintin and think “ohhh yeah he kind of does look like what I imagine Tintin to be in real life” because I think cartoons coming to life is an awesome thing.

It’s slightly different from when you bring a book to life, because with a book you are completely free to build your own characters based on descriptions, and sometimes film adaptations can be a disappointment or overtake your imagination, whereas with cartoons you are already given more concrete restrictions as to what the character looks like, so you would most likely agree or at least enjoy the person chosen to play that character in live action because everyone knows what he has to look like.

I mean, even Alice in Wonderland, which was shot almost entirely on green screen, still had live action and the actors physical appearances, even though some were modified to fit the character.

Really what I’m trying to say is that why bother doing this motion tracking, having actors do all the physical acting, then turn it into animation? Why not just have live action?

I think everyone’s just going too far with the CGI and 3D. Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. Movies are fine just the way they are. Live action with special effects as enhancement is great. We don’t need you to show off all the latest technology if it doesn’t add anything rewarding to the film, especially 3D. It makes a lot of people feel sick and hurts their eyes etc etc, and sometimes is completely unnecessary.

I don’t know though. I have to see it first. I could be completely blown away.

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@Symbeline The script is based on three of the stories: The Crab with the Golden Claws, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure.(wikipedia)

@shrubbery One of the great reason to use motion capture is that you can do movements and performance for a character who looks completely different from you! Like the dancing penguins of Happy Feet! Or Kong of King Kong was played by the same actor (Serkis) who played Gollum in Lord of the Rings… Using of prosthetics and makeup may help in very limited way- instead, relying on superior computer graphics helps us create realistic characters- the blue Na’avis in Avatar being a great example.

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@krrazypassions, I understand that. I get that it’s fantastic technology to use for things that need it- Gollum, King Kong, penguins, aliens… although Star Trek did just fine with their make-up for Eric Bana, I didn’t even recognise him! Anyway. I was trying to say that I don’t understand why they need it for this film, when all the characters are people. Okay, Snowy I could understand, but that’s about it.

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@shrubbery As Peter Jackson put it “We’re making them look photorealistic; the fibres of their clothing, the pores of their skin and each individual hair. They look exactly like real people – but real Herge people!” So, they want to make them look exactly like Herge made them- only in 3D now… And using performance capture they can make the movements and emotions of the characters as real as possible! I personally think its a great strategy and Herge himself would have done that if he wanted to make a movie and he had this technology ( okay, thats speculating too far maybe, but lets say that Spielberg would have consulted Herge himself had he been alive today, but in his absence, he chose to follow the visions of Herge as closely as possible as also enhancing the same for a grand cinematic experience by using 3d animation and performance capture)

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@krrazypassions yeah. I don’t know. Those were just my impressions from the trailer and you asked how we feel about it so I told you. As I said though, I would have to wait and see and I’m most certainly not going to not go and see it just because of this, so I’ll reserve my final judgement until after it’s released.

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