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Has anyone ever received a $350 ticket for honking in NYC?

Asked by skfinkel (13424points) June 3rd, 2011

Signs are up that honking will result in a $350 fine. Lots of honking, though.

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On what grounds can the city prohibit one from honking?

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I wish !!! @Afos22 disturbing the peace is why.
You almost never hear a horn honk for the valid reasons horns are on cars (warning of hazard).
Horn honks are approximately always just some impatient jerkoff declaring themselves incompetent to drive. If you don’t like traffic take the bus, or the subway, or drive your stupid car somewhere else.
You will find those signs near hospitals and residential areas (nearly two MILLION people live in Manhattan alone) where car traffic commonly gets heavy and morons imagine that by honking somehow they will magically get where they are going faster.

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You can’t honk legally unless it is for safety reasons. You can’t honk, churches are supposed to keep the bells under a certain decibel, you are not allowed to disturb peoples quiet enjoyment of their property. This is true pretty much everywhere.

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@Afos22: Noise pollution? Also the well known “crying wolf syndrome.”

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What about freedom of expression?

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@Afos22 You don’t get to be disruptive or annoyingly loud.

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I didn’t know you could get a ticket for honking in New York. That’s one of the things I liked about the city…the constant honking. I actually thought it was only in the movies until I actually visited there.:-D

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@AmWiser nobody said anyone’s getting a ticket, there’s a city ordinance, and posted signs.
It is enforced probably only around hospitals, if at all. There are lots of places I’ve seen those signs I wish it were getting enforced.
The charming racket is not in jeopardy, just don’t ask why we’re grumpy.

That and several hundreds of sightseeing helicopter trips daily around the NY harbor . Everybody wants to be in the movies, frickin charming. ;-)

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If some swanky character from say the IMF complained about horns honking you can bet the ordinance would get enforced whether or not there was a sign up. They don’t call this the Empire State for nothin’.

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