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Does anyone know if Jonathan Wright's story Firehouse Down is true or a fabrication?

Asked by srmorgan (6740points) June 3rd, 2011

Jonathan Wright wrote a book called Firehouse Down about the WTC bombings on 9/11. It describes his experience as a fire fighter in the Trade Center.
He spoke at my wife’s school yesterday telling his story. Today an official of the school came in and said that this guy’s story is a total hoax, that he was never near the WTC on 9/11,
Can anyone shed any light on this? My google searches are not finding anything about this.

Thanks to all

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This would not be the first hoax to come from self-described “heroes” and “experts” of 9/11. There was another reference recently to another “security consultant” who claimed to have been intimately involved with the rescue / recovery operations of 9/11. His claim was that he was called to the site by Rudy Giuliani himself – but his claim is untrue (as well as his advice for how to save oneself during earthquake and such building collapse events).

If I can find his claim, and the claims by those who know he’s a fraud, then I’ll re-post. (The topic came up because of his claims during a recent earthquake – not this year’s northern Japan earthquake and tsunami, I think – that his advice could have saved many lies, and which many people mistakenly believe in.)

These frauds are bad enough when all they want to do is cash in on others’ misfortune, but when they sell bad advice, they’re even worse, if possible.

I don’t have an answer for your specific question. But you might ask the “school official” what his source is for making his claim. After all, he did write a book about the experience, whether true or not, and that’s a falsifiable claim. That is, if the book is false, then you could find that out. But you might ask how the “school official” has already determined that for himself.

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The school official was the Principal and he must have received several parent complaints about this guy’s lecture. Some things about it just don’t “compute”.
However I could not find anything critical of his book or of his personal integrity in a brief search on Google. I am not advocating that Mr. Wright is partially or entirely a fraud, his story might be completely true. I just can’t find any commentary about it either way and calling his book a hoax is a serious charge.


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Firehouse Down was published in 2003, so I think detractors have had plenty of time to criticize the guy. And yet, Google turns up nothing but positive reviews.

So I agree, does not compute. As @WasCy notes, the onus is on the naysayers to back up what they say.

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