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Can't connect to the server?

Asked by sleuth9216 (231points) April 25th, 2008

Whenever I try to log into AOL or yahoo, or to get into a fluther chat room, it says that “Safari can’t open the page “” because it could not connect to the server “”.” or whatever website I’m trying to log into. Can I fix this?

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Well, it would seem your connection is working…...since you’re able to get here, but the link you put in your Q is the old one, try this:

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nope still not working

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Could be settings, plug-ins, java…....try resetting safari and try again.

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i tried that should java be on? what should be active?

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I would say you’ll want java on, cookies enabled, but other than that I don’t know if there’s any specific requirements.
If it still doesn’t work, try contacting Fluther using the feedback link.

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These are all generalistic suggestions, but I would say check for java updates, safari updates (both via Software Update’) updates for any other plug-ins you might be running, and trying again after that.

Also, check your ‘security’ tab in Safari’s preferences, and make sure all the ‘web content’ options are enabled. Personally, I would also recommend you set the cookies level to ‘only from sites you navigate to’ – if it isn’t already on that. Hope that might have helped, let us know how you go.

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