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Anyone know anything about srcds.exe? (Source dedicated server)

Asked by superjuicebox (383points) April 25th, 2010

I’m trying to start my own dedicated server for CS:S but i am having difficulties. I downloaded and updated the standalone dedicated server software (hldsupdatetool.exe) and had no problems with that ( i ran : hlsupdatetool.exe -command -update -game “counter-strike source” -dir “exampledir/example” ). After this srcds.exe is located in my directory, but it won’t start no matter what i do. I’ve looked around in forums, but there isn’t any help on this issue. I’ve tried to start it with the cmd prompt, with a shortcut, from its main .exe path, and with parameters but simply nothing happens. I’m running windows 7×64, i turned my firewall off too when i was trying to turn it on because i thought it may have been that. I also have the .cfg files correctly made. Can anyone help ?

p.s. i will not use the tools version of dedicated server(GUI version) thats not what i’m looking for.

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Seems like CS-S is not ready to run on Win7. your best option is to rollback your OS to WinXPPro SP3.

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@njnyjobs Well, the game runs just not the server. Seems like its a piece of crap :[ but i tried on one of my blade servers too and it didn’t work either and that has windows server 2003 on it D: . I think i’ll just use my other partition on this HDD to dual boot and try what you’re saying :p and then if it doesn’t work and if the steam support community doesn’t help than ill probably just rent a server :O

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I am guessing your Win Server 2003 is 64bit. . . Try it on a 32bit machine.

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@njnyjobs Thats why i’m probably going to take your advice and dual boot :p

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