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What kind of plane did I see?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) June 3rd, 2011

About six months ago I saw a plane come in for a landing. It was small. The fuselage was cigar shaped. It had two props facing the tail, one on each wing. It was a nice looking plane.

Can’t find any pictures of it.

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close, but no…

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this” might be it.

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@Ltryptophan Can you elaborate on a few details?

For example, in response to @Judi you said “close, but no” – but that picture immediately put me in mind of several questions.

First, for anyone who decides to google this question, these rear-facing props are generally referred-to as “pushers” or “pusher props” for obvious reasons.

@Ltryptophan Was the plane you saw larger than the one in @Judi‘s picture? If so, was it much larger? Your question states that it has one prop per wing, so it must have been at least a little larger.
Was the wing configuration similar? (i.e., one pair short rear-mount back-swept wings with vertical fins attached at ends)
Were the wings in the back as in the picture, or nearer the middle?
Did it have those little horizontal fins near the nose?
Were the props mounted directly on the wing, or on a stand attached to the wing, or on a stand attached to the fuselage but near the wing?
Was there a “bubble” canopy over the pilot, or was the pilot behind a set of windows in a solid cockpit?

Airplanes come in a bewildering array of shapes and sizes; any details of this type which you can provide will help us in identifying your craft.

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Could have been a BeechCraft Starship. No longer in production. That or the Piaggio as stated before are the only two that I can think of off the top of my head.

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Either the Piaggio or the Beechcraft Starship as @missingbite said.

Just wanted to add pictures to everyone else’s ideas.

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