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Novels with unseen plot twists?

Asked by King_Pariah (11451points) June 4th, 2011

Simple, can you list a novel or novels that have plot twists you didn’t see coming? I need a good one to read, too bored reading books with endings I can spot nearly a mile away.

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Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. There is more than one twist in there and one giant one I don’t think anyone would see coming. :)

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My favourite is The Devil’s Teardrop by Jeffrey Deaver (the guy writing the new Bond book). Its been years since I read it, but it had some very good plot twists.

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The end of Go Ask Alice really stuck with me. Don’t read the Wiki plot summary because it gives it away.

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Shadow of the Wind.

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I’ve just finished reading The Pale Blue Eye, by Louis Bayard. I’ve read a lot of mysteries, including mysteries with literary themes such as this one, and I’m pretty good at anticipating solutions, but I sure didn’t see that one coming.

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You may have to go to Amazon, but if you can find a copy, you MUST read The Whisper of the Axe by Richard Condon (the same guy who wrote The Manchurian Candididate). A twist so amazing you will reread the last chapter again and again simply because you can not believe it.

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Not sure of any novel, but the movie Shutter Island has a good plot twist!

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Shutter Island is a novel, too.

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Thanks for all these suggestions, I’ll be sure to look into them… except the ones I’ve already read (or seen).

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Sandra Brown books are a great read for twisted plots, and I didn’t see that coming type stories. My favorites were Smash Cut, Smoke Screen, and Chill Factor. They are very suspensful and edge of the seat reads.

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@josie, I’ve just ordered that book on the strength of your recommendation.

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@Jeruba You will not be sorry.

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I really dug Fight Club. It was off-the-wall, easy to read and had a great twist ending.

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@ddude1116 Fight Club was good, I thought it was a bit of a spin off of Steppenwolf though.

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I never knew there was a Steppenwolf book before.. Only the band…

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Book came first. By a long shot.

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Who wrote it?

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Hermann Hesse. Here you go.

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Thanks! I’ll definitely look into that!

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