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Say you agreed to be under Witness Protection Program, where would you relocate and as who?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27512points) June 6th, 2011

You probably have seen it in the movies, when a certain character has to testify against the mob or other dangerous entity that will try to get you after the trial, and the Witness Protection Program will now move you to a different place still within the country yet not exactly the home you knew.

Now this is more of a fun than a serious question since I have a feeling you don’t get to have the final say on where you should end up but what if you did? Where would it be and as what in terms of your career? And do you think you can live that life and still stay incognito to people who might be looking for you?

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You would have no choice in your change of identity or location. The U.S. Marshal Service would already have this worked out for you. They may even relocate you to a foreign country with a new name, address, social security number and date of birth.

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Off topic, but I’ve totally been sucked in to the fictionalized witness protection tv show “In Plain Sight,” which is filmed in my hometown. I may even be appearing as an extra in episode 8, which airs in three weeks or so.

I’d be some kind of technical writer, case worker or counselor in the Pacific NW, and I’d probably have to dye my hair or something.

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Where: Vancouver, San Fransisco, Portland, Rio de Janeiro, Oslo, Lausanne,Vienna, Copenhagen

Who: professor of fluther. I don’t know. Writer?

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Nice try, Mr “No Nose” Gambooli. But I ain’t tellin’ you and I’m still gonna testify.

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You don’t get the choice. They place you and assign your name.

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@marinelife We know, this is just a question for fun.

I would relocate to Japan as a lounge singer.

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@sliceswiththings Wow, just watched “Lost in Translation” again in DVD last weekend and that is one great gig and place to be “lost” in too. : )

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I would like to be relocated to New Mexico as a Nudist Camp director.

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@Ron_C, where every day is Fryday. ;-)

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@obvek that’s right. A friend and his wife went to a nude beach on a vacation away from their kids. My buddy fell asleep and found his nights of uninterrupted sex sadly canceled. You really need to put sun block on places usually protected from the sun..

I re shingled my house once (for the last time) and found that you can get a sunburn through a T-shirt. Who knew?

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I’d insist they relocate me to Europe as a game designer.

Or to Africa as someone who hunts endangered game poachers (e.g. people who hunt Elephants and Lions).

If they need me in the USA through the trial, they can send me to Hawaii, as a game designer or nature photographer specializing in beaches.

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@Ron_C, one time I got a sunburn from making photocopies. I was working on a movie in Rio Rancho (making umpteen copies of script changes), and the photocopier was under a skylight.

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@obvek “photocopier was under a skylight”. I thought that skylights blocked UV rays. It is possible to get a sunburn from a photocopier or scanner because of the bright full spectrum light they use. You need to stop copying your butt and sending the pictures to your boss :=D

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Send me to an uncharted island and give me no name….but weekly flyovers for beer and food. Thank you.

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I would relocate to a southern California animal rescue ranch.

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I would love to be relocated to NYC or San Francisco with a good enough income to enjoy living there. Or, at the other extreme, up in the backwoods of the Smoky Mountains with a lake and Internet service.

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I’d love to stay here if I could, seeing as I’m moving for a year away from here I’d want to be back here. Maybe Ireland or Japan. I’d love to do something eclectic and animal related.

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@mazingerz88 That movie is exactly what made me suggest it!

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@sliceswiththings Oh yeah? : ) Well, what I did was assume you are a singer after reading your answer and you still want to continue singing that’s why you picked another country to continue doing it.

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My name is Homer Thompson, and I live in a houseboat on Terror Lake.

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