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Gift ideas for best friend?

Asked by aniisback (73points) June 6th, 2011

My best friend’s birthday is near and I am all out of ideas for a good gift for her. She is currently in college and we both stay at different places. So throwing a party is not possible.I would love to give her something that has a personal touch to it. Help me with this guys.

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Give her something that you made just for her.

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What is something that she’s interested in? Does she like books. Does she like clothes and fashion or beauty? You could buy her something that would interest her… to find that out you could ask yourself what she seems to be interested in most when you are hanging around together… what does she tend to lean towards if you guys are together shopping?

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Her favorite book, or a photo book, with pictures of your friendship together would be good.

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What are her interests, and what price range to you want to stay in?

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Give her something personal . Like a fine gold chain with her initial on it . You don’t say if your on a tight budget , so if Gold is too expensive, then Silver is perfectly acceptable

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Give her a diary. On the first page, write down the day and date you two met and what you remember of that day. You know, many best friends marry each other. It just happens.

She will remember and hold on to this diary forever. And, it will always remind her of you.

It worked for me and my wife holds on to this diary like it is gold.

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My actual plan is to give her multiple gifts. So i got her a few personalized gifts. But i don’t think thats enough. I have got this huge dissatisfaction in me. She loves reading and i never found her much interested in fashion. I was planning to get her a watch but seems she already has a good one with her. She loves pets but getting her one while she is leaving in hostel doesn’t makes sense.

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As for my budget as long as the gift is worth it I am ready to spent any big amount on it..

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A personalized iPod?
That alarm clock that jumps off the table upon ringing so you are forced to get out of bed to chase after it?
Something pretty and useful for her dorm room like a wall clock or a cute clothes’ hook or a nice chair?
You could go to a Container Store and chances are you will find something she might like.
check out ( lots of fun stuff here )

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@aniisback What about an autobiography of her favourite or most liked writter. Or a book that you think she will be willing to read and you could try to get it signed by the author.

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It is simple.Buy something practikal.Don t buy rubish.Use what you know about him.

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