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What are some really creative things to send in snail mail?

Asked by theplacewhereiamfree (7points) August 22nd, 2009

I’m making a package for my best friend, but I need some ideas on what to put in the package. I’m thinking a mix tape, handmade jewelry, but those all seem pretty worn out…does anyone have ideas?
(Oh, and they have to be things that would fit in a small-ish bubble wrap envelope.)

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I drew a cartoon and put it in a frame for someone here. I think she liked it. But I sent chocolate too so maybe she wasn’t thinking normally.

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I have a friend who would always take ages to reply to instant messages. What I want to do one day is fire up Skype (or your instant messenger of choice), type in “Hey, what’s up?”, take a screen shot, print it out and send it by snailmail.

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Look up “care packages,” and you’ll get lots of ideas. I can’t find my folder with ideas (I’m a military wife). I know there was a cake in a jar thing you can send.

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First of all, to get anything by regular mail that is not a bill or advertisement is a major treat.

I don’t think either of those things you mentioned are cliches.

Some other ideas:

—A photo of you or you and friend framed nicely.

—A small piece of art.

—A book you know your friend would like with a special bookmark of things or a place your friend likes.

—Wacky post-it notes or small quirky things from an unusual store.

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Stickers! I always include stickers when I send things to my friends – they’re so much fun, and your friend will think of you every time they use them.

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I love @sdeutsch idea of stickers, and I would like to add refrigerator magnets to the list.

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I would send my E-Mail address.

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I used to send a lot of snail mail. In fact, I have friends that live far away that I still send packages to. I usually send various hot sauces or BBQ sauces carefully wrapped in Bubble Wrap, candles, Flash drives full of pictures, videos, short stories, and other things we both find enjoyable, the occasional book, hard candies, unusual trinkets I’ve found at flea markets and such, pictures from my past, hand-written notes, and even little toys. Pretty much anything I know they will like. I found a small fancytail goldfish carved out of jade at a rock and hobby shop, bought it for about $6, and sent it to my friend who used to raise those kind of fish. It sits on a special place in his home office, where he can enjoy it, and be reminded that I am his friend. Smiles are free, and should always be shared.

Email is quicker, but snail mail is more personal. Especially if you send things that your friend can identify with, or enjoy. Sometimes I miss writing long letters, and if my carpal tunnel wasn’t so bad, I think I might start sending letters again. After answering this question, I think I just might do it anyway. I can always take something for the pain later. :-)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I send letters to my husband’s grandparents. I like writing the long letters, but I prefer typing them instead. My handwriting and spelling sucks, and my thoughts are so all over the place that I end up bouncing back and forth when I hand write them. If I have a lot to say, I’ll start on the computer so I can get my thoughts down, spell checking as I go. I then organize it and start writing the letters.

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Candy, lots of candy!

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A Snail (to be “smart”)


Your ear (if you are into that whole van Gogh thing)


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Oragami paper, magazines, gel eye mask for your eyes that you put in the fridge, lottery tickets, book about friends and you can wriite something personal inside of the cover.

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