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Who is someone you completely trust in your life? Can you mention a person or public figure whom you would trust?

Asked by raven860 (2163points) June 7th, 2011

As the question asks

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My partner.

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There are very few public figures I would even consider completely trusting.

I do trust my girlfriend with my innermost secrets.

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Nope. Trust is in long term action, not words.

It is an ongoing demonstration, therefore, there is no way one can ever truly trust another, given the gazillions of situations that might show up to test the integrity of another.

The only person you can truly trust is yourself, and your own intuition.

This is why knowing yourself is tantamount.

When it comes to trust, it really is, one day at a time.

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My daughter.

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My brother

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My husband.

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My self.

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Well, I try not to have people in my life that I don’t completely trust. And, yes, I know complete trust is rare.. but I think I get pretty close. I like to think I have good taste in people and I collect the best ones. :)

I completely trust my best friend and one of my exes; they have hearts of gold, are concerned about my interests, and would not intentionally do anything to hurt me. Everyone else, it’s a gradient.. there are some I mostly trust and then so on. Most likely, though, if I don’t trust someone enough, they get voted off the island. So, as I said, I try to keep only the trustworthy people around me.

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No one. Absolutely no one.

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My best friends, Nick, and Marissah.

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@Afos22 I’ve made too many bad decisions to trust.

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@cazzie Stephen Hawking?

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@Afos22 Nope… he’s flip flopping on string theory…. I’m worried about him.

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My mom. And my best friend since 8th grade. And Johnpowell. And PnL. And Dog. And Bythebay.

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I trust Allie because I know where her P.O. Box is.

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My closest family – all of them.

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My pets and my daughter, true.
But, I guess the real test with my daughter will come if she ever gets power of attorney. lol
I’m hoping she won’t stash me in a substandard old folks home and buy her dream house.
Or, poison my polygrip. haha

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Not one! :-/

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My two sons.

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Well said, yep, my island is sparsely populated these days, few ‘survivors’ on the trust train. lol

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My husband and his mother are about the only two for now, besides me. My sister-in-law can be trusted with in certain bounds, mostly because she has too many other concerns at this time, and has to be very flexible.

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Bill Clinton

John Edwards

Anthony Weiner


I don’t think there is anyone I completely trust, including myself. Everyone falls short.
But I don’t think there is anyone I don’t cut slack because of that.

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At the moment, nobody

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I trust my husband and one of my sisters utterly and completely.

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I trusted my dad completely when he was alive. There are some few people I trust quite a lot, but never entirely, no.

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My sister G. She’s never let me down.

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My best male friend of 26 years.
My best female friend of 17 years.

It might seem odd I don’t include my fiancĂ©e but I’ve known him only two years. We are still learning each other other. I’m not sure if I’ll ever feel this way about him and maybe it’s not so important that I do. It’s enough for me to have accepted his faults and still weigh his love as being more important. This is weird because I used to think your partner had to also be your best friend and the most tried and true of people around you. As time has passed, I don’t think it’s fair to put that kind of pressure anymore. My friends are a hard act to follow!

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“Completely trust” as in trust with everything? No one.

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My wife and children

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