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Do you think that nursing homes are orphanages for old folks?

Asked by King_Galaxius (348points) November 26th, 2021

Generally, nursing homes and assisted living places are thought of as places for unwanted elderly people. Some people around the world compare these places to orphanages, but for elderly people.
Do you see the similarities? If not, you are invited to explain this, because in most cases, it is cheaper to live on your own, except if you are homeless or on Medicare (this is a social question).

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Orphanages are for children who have lives to live and hopes that they will be adopted. They have something to look forward to in life.
Nursing homes are for old people who can’t fend for themselves and can only hope to die painless deaths. They have nothing to look forward to in life.
Assisted living homes are for those not so old folks who can still get around fairly well. They can hope to look forward to a few more years.

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I think your question leaves out a whole lot of folks who are very much “wanted” but whose family lack the time, space, funds, or skills to care for them.

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It is more akin to a nuclear waste disposal site.
A place to stash useless old people until they eventually croak, because it is somehow “unethical” to just get it over with and strangle them.

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I can’t answer for everyone, but the one my MIL chose made me jealous. They took care of all the basics; meals, cleaning, supplies, and all she had to do was attend exercise class, sewing circle, movie room, game room, library, or various classes through the week. It was better than living in a hotel.

Even after she got transferred to hospice there were various daily activities the nurse aids took them to, plus a daily wheelchair trip through the park in the center of the complex. My SIL lived nearby and visited her three or four times a week.

While she still lived in her apartment, she asked to visit several different homes and chose the best one. There was one glitch, her first choice gave her a preferred monthly rate that disappeared after the first year, and we had to move her to her second choice, which ,ironically, turned out to be better and cheaper than the first one.

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