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Have you ever had a question just ...disappear?

Asked by josie (30485points) June 7th, 2011

I submitted a question today and it simply vanished. No notification from the mods, no nothing.
Is this the first step before I disappear?

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I really hope you don’t @josie
Yes, I have had that happen to me before, it was just a case of the mods being a bit late to notify me. I’m sure you’ll get something from them soon.

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I heard of this happening with a certain user before. They thought it was deleted without notifications from the mods, but one mod said it was a glitch. An unfortunate fuckup in the matrix.

It hasn’t happened to me though, nope.

I don’t know if, by disappearing, you mean that your Fluther essence is starting to fade into oblivion, or if you think you may soon to be banished. I’d wager, none of those.

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@queenie Well, if this is it, I will miss you. Good luck.

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Don’t be like that @josie ;)
Nothing’s gonna happen to you, you’re a good jelly.

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I’m 5’7.5” ;)

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We never do that (at least not on purpose, though I suppose it could happen by accident.) Unless it’s a spam or troll question, it’s automatically set to notify. Every once in a while, though, the server burps or something and the question disappears into the ether without ever actually posting to the site at all.

Are you talking about the “How tall are you?” question?

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Once. I thought it’s below the standard or it’s not allowed here but they send me back the question for edit and the question itself never appear anymore (not even an explanation!). I didn’t complain for that. Why should I wait one or two hours when I could make and post the same question instantly in other sites. But overall,I like that the mods here will give suggestion on how to fix your question (Oops… Not my grammatically error again). Although I won’t be modded for minor error in other places.

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After some PMing back and forth, it appears we did accidentally remove the question without notifying @josie. I humbly apologize for the error. I’ve offered to either send it back to him for editing or he can ask it again as a new question.

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We had a fun start to that one! I wondered what had happened. And I still can’t reach stuff!

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@JilltheTooth What? The question didn’t make you grow?

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@chyna : and I had such high haha hopes for that!

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I had that happen too. I got it pulled for the question not meeting writing standards and the powers that be simply never gave it back to me for editing. I guess we will never find out what happened to the squirrel in the frizzer we were knitting a sweater out of yarn for keep it warm.

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No I haven’t, although with one or two I kind of wish they had.
I’m six feet tall….on the button.

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@Cruiser Beautiful yarnpocalypse reference.

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@KatetheGreat A night to remember for sure! ;)

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Hells aye, yah? :D Yalls got that shit straight. :)

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