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Which type of questions do you prefer personally?

Asked by Shippy (10015points) February 6th, 2013

For me it is a sharing thing. For example, If I posted a question saying “When was the last time you owned a dog?” with no body in the question. I would have to ask myself as to why this person would like to know about this?

As opposed to “I had a dog once, his name was Spot, but sadly he passed away. So for a while I have not wanted a dog”.

The first way of asking just seems like an arbitrary nosiness into my life, whilst the second, spurs sharing. Which do you prefer? As the first method is a bit like a survey isn’t it?

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There is a big difference between the two styles of questions as you say and it does make you think about the motive behind the first style. I have noticed that the second type does result in a greater sense of sharing and a more in depth conversation in general so that kind of question is certainly one that I would check out on a regular basis.

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I only know that since I was on Yahoo Answers, it falls under survey winks!^^

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I like questions that make me think.

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@Shippy Like you, I prefer to have some idea why the person is asking the question. It helps shape my response, but even more than that, it can help me to decide whether I want to answer or follow the question. I find this is particularly true of questions about religion or politics – is the asker looking for real opinions, or are they just looking for validation? Or do they need to have a rant? All good reasons to ask a question, but depending which it is, I might choose not to answer. This might be because I lose interest, but it also might be because I know they won’t want to hear what I have to say.

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I prefer questions that involve a bit of sharing as well. Like if someone asked about our first date, and then told us a bit about theirs. I also like creative questions that yield surprising answers, such as “What is your dream concert lineup?”

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I love questions that teach me something about how things work, other places on the planet, the wonders of nature and science and chemistry and the universe, or how to fix a problem. I love fine-tuning my search skills and finding some tiny bit of factual information from the great sea of material out there to answer a question. I love being able to give concrete, helpful information based on my professional experience.

I typically do not like questions about relationships, feelings, opinions, stories, talking for the sake of talking.

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I like questions where the OP is actually in need of help or information. All the questions that are really just excuses to talk about yourself I can do without.

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I like the steer clear of attention seeking questions (behaviors) and focus on people who genuinely need help. That’s pretty much the only reason why I stick around.

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I enjoy sharing reminisces or situations people have been in. Problem sharing is interesting too. I get too upset with politics, and religion is a settled question to me. I don’t care for proselytizing. Helpful answers to real problems are good. Humor is great, but can lead to misunderstandings. I don’t mean to disallow humor, but don’t be upset by those who don’t get it. If they are smart, they simply won’t reply, but not all of us are smart (despite claims to the contrary.)

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I enjoy answering questions that give me the chance to share similar experiences and what I learned (or didn’t learn) from them. Not because I’m any smarter than the questioner or necessarily have the answer, just because I feel I’m qualified enough to offer a perspective based on personal experience.

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Curious questions, open for all kinds of answers.

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Questions pertaining to theology, supernatural occurances, science, electricity, mechanics and philosophy top my list. I’m generally not into religion and politics as much, though I have a great interest in religions such as Buddhism, Theosophy and Spiritualism.

I like personal questions too if the person isn’t looking to justify screwing another over, and when I feel I can help that person from my own life experience. Actually when questions are about personal matters than I don’t consider extra information as the user advertising themselves. Sometimes this extra info helps you to understand the user and the intentions behind their questions so I can answer them better. I’ve also noticed that many of the people on here complaining about people who are trying to advertise how cool they are tend to advertise themselves. I’ve been accused of doing such a thing by a user who repeatedly rambles on about himself.

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