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Why do the funny threads get archived?

Asked by wundayatta (58722points) February 6th, 2013

Oh you know what I mean. People question moderation or some fluther policy or another, and it ends like this:

“Now that people are getting snippy again, I don’t think anything productive will come from continuing at this point. We’re going to archive this one, too.”

Aside from the issue of who gets to decide what is “productive” or not, or whether productivity is even a relative standard for a conversation (it isn’t), what about the humor? These threads are hysterical. I love how people get all up in arms. Getting “snippy” is the whole point. I was just about to poke a little fun at myself for still following the question, when I discovered it had been archived, and now I have to start a new thread for no reason at all, other than to make fun of myself.

Well, I invite you all to make fun of yourselves, too. Get as snippy as you want. Just realize it’s funny.

What do you think you take most seriously—to the point of annoying other people?

In my case, I know that I take the moderation here way too seriously, and that annoys a whole slew of others no end. So I hereby tell myself to get a life. ;-)

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If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’re in deep doo doo.

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Get over yourself, wundy! You know why the thread was archived. It had devolved into personal attacks; nothing new was being added to the discussion. What is the point of keeping it active? You can reread it and navel gaze all you want so what’s the big deal?

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I take religion more seriously than most people like, which is odd because I’m certainly not an expert and have spent most of my life questioning others and learning about other religions.

In my daily life, I spend a lot of time with undercover Christians who party and act perfectly normal like I do. Only since joining fluther did I realize that having other people attack my beliefs and call my God a unicorn or fairy tale bothered me like it does.

So this God-loving partier is trying to relax, take it in as a learning experience, and quit taking it so personally. :)

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@marinelife I congratulate you on a most excellent personal attack! Keep ‘em coming!

Which reminds me. Another thing that I take too seriously is my own voice. I rarely read things that go on for very long very closely. I’m just want to have my own say. I definitely take my own voice much too seriously! Let me take @marinelife‘s advice and go do some navel gazing. That’s the ticket!

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I was thoroughly enjoying that thread. @holo and I even shared some PMs behind the scenes.

But, whatever. Again, I don’t make the rules. There will be other pointless battles.

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Pointless battles are what man’s history thrives on!

’‘taps Wundy on his chest with my cane’’ You ol’ chap are trying to be funny, eh?

On a serious note, the threads can be funny, but not everyone will see the humor in it, or appreciate it, or see it as such even if they recognize the concept which you illustrate. I can personally think of funnier things. Like some guy walking into a huge crater, asking everyone in there if say, you guys alright? ’‘pokes with cane’’

Well, I get your point. Someone out there was really wondering something, people offered answers, and you just come on here, making fun of the whole thing? Why the NERVE. Haha but it did get ridiculously long. I just hope most who participated got something good out of it…and if not, at least you thought it was funny.

The NERVE. You heard?! :p Wundy you damn troll :p

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You have a strange sense of humor.

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@Symbeline I admire how you participate in those threads. You are helpful, funny, you never antagonize and you listen. you the best :D

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Maybe the mods worry that an ongoing flame war that’s already at 300 posts is going to overwhelm the servers…

@jonsblond : I agree with your assessment. I appreciate that about Symby too. She’s one of my undersea heroes!

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@jonsblond Wait what? @Symbeline not antagonizing? Then what is all that cane poking and tapping all about? That hurts you know. Heh.

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@syz I do indeed have a strange sense of humor compared to most here. I can’t offer you any excuse or explanation, either. Is humor explainable? But I assure you, that it is my sense of humor and it thoroughly amuses me.

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I take cookies far too seriously.

I also take them with milk, at noon, orally, alone, in a crowd, before bed, with tea, when they’re hot, crispy, chewy, large, bite-sized, often…

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@jonsblond and @bookish1
’‘puts hands in pockets, lowers head and gently kicks the ground’’ Aaaw, sucks you guys. :)

@mazingerz88 ’‘waves cane in your face’’ Cmon mate, lighten up, no? XD

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@Symbeline I think you meant shucks!

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…goddamn it. I did.

…wow, that turned out really bad…SHUCKS.

This whole ten minutes to edit shit is really starting to piss me off. Lol.

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Humor is in the eye of the beholder.

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@SuperMouse Or on Fluther, often in the eye of the beheld, alone!

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Perhaps to give beleaguered Auggie a chance to get a little sleep? Sometimes I wonder why she just does’t hang up her gloves and move on.

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@wundayatta I totally agree with you. The best threads are those without any moderation. Out of curiosity and totally available for the mods to check veracity, have you ever asked for a post to be moderated?

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I guess you’ve forgotten the dark days when there wasn’t even the courtesy of archiving.

Entire threads were eliminated totally, never to be seen again, just because of a few pissy dimwits towards the end.

Ah, how soon they forget…

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“Pissy Dimwits” What a great name for a band.

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Well, I hereby bequeath it to you, royalty free. If you make it big, just a few Grammy tickets for when you pick up your awards is all I’d expect :)

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On the other hand, it might also be an apropos name for a bond girl :)

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Thanks @Buttonstc, All I need now is talent, and ability.

Maybe I could go punk and make do without either but then again, I’m probably too old for punk.

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Once they become unproductive they are archived I imagine.
I’m all about humor and letting things unfold as they will free of control and contrivance as long as nothing too nasty or unkind is said. Of course I am the type that can take a hit or two and not fall to pieces. Not everyone has a thick skin and some are so fragile that you could topple them like a house of cards.

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I saw a pretty funny one today…

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